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Elizabeth Franklin-Johnson is Assistant Professor in the Strategy, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Department. Holder of a PhD, her teaching and research cover the themes of Corporate Social Responsibility and Organisational Behaviour.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, E., S. BEL HADJ ALI - "Recherche des clients de grande valeur : le cas de la société française de télécommunications, Free" - 2020, CCMP, Paris, France 2020 Case Study
    FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, E., S. BEL HADJ ALI - "Wanted: high value clients for Free: The case of the French telecoms company Free" - 2020, CCMP, Paris, France 2020 Case Study
    FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, E., S. BEL HADJ ALI - "The Freevolution: The case of Free, the French telecoms company" - 2020, CCMP, Paris, France 2020 Case Study
    FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, E., S. BEL HADJ ALI - "Freevolution : le cas de FREE, la société française de télécommunications" - 2020, CCMP, Paris, France 2020 Case Study
    COMYNS, B., E. FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, "Corporate Reputation and Collective Crises: A Theoretical Development Using the Case of Rana Plaza", Journal of Business Ethics, 2018, vol. 150, no. 1, pp. 159-183 2018 Journal article
    CANNING, L., E.FRANKLIN-JOHNSON - "The big squeeze. Orange and the challenge of mobile phone take-back" - 2018, CCMP, Paris 2018 Case Study
    FIGGE, F., A. THORPE, P. GIVRY, L. CANNING, E. FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, "Longevity and Circularity as Indicators of Eco-Efficient Resource Use in the Circular Economy", Ecological Economics, 2018, vol. 150, pp. 297-306 2018 Journal article
    FIGGE, F., P.GIVRY, L.CANNING, E.FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, A.THORPE, "Eco-efficiency of Virgin Resources: A Measure at the Interface Between Micro and Macro Levels", Ecological Economics, 2017, vol. 138, pp. 12-21 2017 Journal article
    D'ANTONE, S., L. CANNING, E. FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, R. SPENCER, "Concerned innovation: The ebb and flow between market and society", Industrial Marketing Management, 2017, vol. 64, pp. 66-78 2017 Journal article
    FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, E., F.FIGGE, L.CANNING, "Resource duration as a managerial indicator for Circular Economy performance", Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016, vol. 133, pp. 589-598 2016 Journal article
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    Human Resources Management

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    Organizational Behavior

    Sustainable Development


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