Christoph BEY

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    Recent publications
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    Barouch, G. & Bey, C. (2018). Cost of quality and process model : improving accounting tools for attaining higher environmental efficiency. Journal of Cleaner Production, 181, April, 192-200 2018 Refereed Article
    BEY, C. (2012). Eco-industrielle Parks als strategische Allianzen – wie gut passen die Partner zusammen. In M. von Hauff, R. Isenmann, G. Müller-Christ (dirs.), Industrial Ecology Management: Nachhaltige Entwicklung Durch Unternehmensverbünde, Wiesbaden : Springer Gabler, September, 326 p. 2012 Chapter
    Pierre MORA ; Christoph Bey ; Manzoom Akhter. « Entrepreneurial motivations for organic wine production », Proceedings of the 29th WACRA International Conference on Case Method Research & Application, Stockholm (Sweden), June 26 - 29, 2012, in International Journal on Case Method Research & Application (IJCRA), n°4, 2012, pp. 14-24 2012 Refereed Article
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