Marketing & new consumption


Directed by Frédéric Prévot, the Marketing & New Consumption Center of Excellence comprises a team of 30 full employed and 4 affiliated professors, as well as a part-time coordinator to provide administrative support.

The center focuses on four thematic areas of research, organized in informal groups for each of which a scientific coordinator from Kedge has been appointed to represent the group: 

This has enabled a coordinated research approach with significant academic impact, industry collaborations, genuine pedagogical dissemination, as well as dissemination to the larger public and the press.

Lines of research

The new consumption and marketing centre of excellence organises its research into four groups, each of which examines a specific field in-depth:

  • The Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) group studies the sociocultural influence of consumption on shaping identity, social status, and consumer experience. Its qualitative and interpretative methods are drawn from phenomenology, ethnography, and netnography (a method of qualitative research based on virtual consumption communities).
  • The Brands & Consumption group analyses how consumers understand brands and products and how they experiment with and get involved in services. The research is both qualitative and quantitative and subjects can be approached from the point of view of both brand management and consumers.
  • The Digital Marketing group focuses on how consumers and companies use digital technologies (and their impact and ongoing changes). Among other things, it studies data management and protection, the evolution of customer journeys, organisational and cultural changes relating to the emergence of artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things.
  • The B2B Marketing group is particularly interested in developments made in recent years in the fields of interaction and networks. It examines new challenges relating to our entry into the digital era and concerns relating to social and environmental responsibility.

Subject-based expertise is also developing relating to athletics marketing. 




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