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Develop a financial and extra-financial expertise

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Master of Science

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Master of Science

Develop a financial and extra-financial expertise

Finance has a role: to finance the real economy in promoting economic, environmental and social development. Finance is not a science, but rather a tool that serves the economy and social relations. This is the aim of MSc in Corporate & Sustainable Finance: to train professionals with a perfect understanding of this tool and both the financial and extra-financial expertise that is becoming indispensable as careers in finance evolve.
Come explore finance from a different angle with well trained, expert faculty and a network of strong partners to facilitate job placement.

Enrolling in the MSc in Corporate & Sustainable Finance programme means learning about finance as it is today and as it will be tomorrow through a differentiated, innovative approach. Stay a step ahead!

Programme highlights

Stand out by practising 'Finance reconsidered' but still focusing on Finance first!

Join a one-of-a-kind programme in France that prepares you for an innovative, different market: corporate finance governed by a sustainable, long-term vision. We train professionals in long-term financial management and asset management who can engage in integrated decision-making and understand the challenges of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

A core curriculum with two second-year career specialities that are the acknowledged market leaders

Start with 180 hours of Finance in the core curriculum, then choose your M2 specialisation based on your market positioning and career plans:
- Corporate Finance – Financial Engineering
- Sustainable Finance – ESG Engineering, Asset and Risk Management (2017 Innovation Award from Eduniversal)
The Sustainable Finance – ESG Engineering, Asset and Risk Management track is now the number one training programme in France and Europe for sustainable, responsible finance, making Kedge Business School the indisputable academic leader in this field.

An international, multi-campus scope

The MSc Corporate & Sustainable Finance programme offers:
- the option to complete a 4- to 6-month exchange with a partner university in your first year (M1)
- international training in full English in your second year (M2) at our campuses in Marseilles (core curriculum + Corporate finance specialisation) and Paris (Sustainable Finance specialisation), taught by professors and professional lecturers who work in France and abroad

A cutting-edge faculty

Students are taught by Kedge Business School professors who are known to be experts in 'Finance reconsidered'. The teaching staff also includes many professional lecturers (consultants, asset managers, investment fund managers, analysts, etc.) who are recognised leaders and experts in their respective fields, giving students the best exposure to both theory and practice.

An extensive network of partners

The MSc in Corporate & Sustainable Finance has a network of over 40 partner businesses that represent every Finance sector and career in France and internationally, which optimises the search for internships and eases the transition to the business world.

At the forefront of educational innovation

The MSc in Corporate & Sustainable Finance features innovative instructional techniques that focus on employability, mastery of tools and an international mindset. Techniques include applied cases in class or at a business, mini-seminars, international workshops, career talks, distance learning, IT applications and experiential learning, such as business games and business plans.


A multi-sector approach to the financial environment

The skills they hone will allow students to work in financial careers that work on a micro-, meso- or macro-environmental scale: tertiary, industrial or financial firms; start-ups; micro-enterprises; SMEs; publicly listed companies; and national or supranational entities.

Financial expertise and working knowledge of financial tools with a strategic view

The MSc enables students to acquire expertise in financial practices and tools from two points of view: long-term financial management (financing structures and choices, business valuation, capital market financing, etc.) and asset management (financial analysis and financial diagnostic, familiarity with IT tools such as Reuters, VBA, R..., financial modelling) with corporate strategy as the centrepiece.

Extra-financial expertise that gives you a differentiating advantage

The ESG Engineering, Asset and Risk Management specialisation lets you acquire combined financial and extra-financial expertise, which is critical as financial careers transition from asset management to an increased emphasis on social issues in investment decisions and financing choices. All the training tracks in the MSc include courses and lectures that address investor responsibility and the inclusion of extra-financial and performance and impact factors in investing.

An international vision of business and social relations

The ability to spend several months abroad in M1 and a full English curriculum in M2 with professors, lecturers and a network of international partners will enable students to interact in a globalised economy with open-mindedness toward their local community and the wider world.

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