KEDGE Bachelor

2nd Best French Bachelor - le Parisien-Etudiant 2020

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From Academic records with official equivalence to French Baccalaureate to Bac +2


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Kedge Bachelor : French 2nd best Bachelor

Kedge Bachelor in Management is a generalist bachelor covered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This programme allows students to acquire the fundamentals of management, to live abroad for 6 months and to benefit from field experience upon graduation.

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campus of Bordeaux



Kedge Bachelor is a three-year specialised programme. It enables students to develop a triple skill set: professional, academic and international. At the end of the course, it is possible to continue with a master's degree (80% of students do so) or to enter the professional world. Thanks to a personalised follow-up, students build a future that suits them.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France CEFDG


A professionalizing curriculum

- "Learning by doing" pedagogy,
- Academic teaching staff
- Multi-purpose teaching,
- External speakers from the business world,
- 2 internships of 4 to 6 months,
- 3 years to find and build your professional project

An international career from the 2nd year onwards

- One compulsory semester abroad (internship or university exchange),
- Full-English course possible from semester 3.


On the Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Bayonne, Bastia and Avignon campuses, work study periods are possible, depending on the specialities.
- Extensive field experience: easier and quicker professional integration, direct contact with the reality and challenges of companies.
- Development of organisational skills, dynamism, initiative, autonomy and greater maturity.
- Exemption from tuition fees, receipt of a monthly salary.

19 specialisations on 7 campuses

    Bordeaux: Banking & Finance, Management & Strategic Negotiation, Marketing (En-Fr), Supply Chain (En-Fr), Wine & Sustainability

    Marseille: Bank-Finance, Start up, Intrapreneurship & Business Transfer, International Transport, International Trade and Logistics, Commercial Performance Management (En-Fr), Prospective Marketing, Wine & Tourism

    Toulon: Digital Marketing

    Avignon : Commercial management

    Bayonne: International Business Development, Marketing & Communication

    Bastia : Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation

    Dakar: Banking & Finance, Marketing & Events, Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Skills developed


All the fundamentals needed to run a business: economics, law, management, marketing, accounting...

Practical experience

- In company mission,
- Business game: putting managerial techniques into practice,
- Pro-Act (projects through action),
- Internships: 2 experiences in companies, including one abroad.

International focus

Internship or academic exchange in one of the partner universities.

Students also benefit from an international experience even in France thanks to the presence of international exchange and double degreee students in class.

Soft skills and leadership

Because companies need agile, constantly learning, entrepreneurial employees who are able to work in diversity and complexity, Kedge created Be-U. This unique pedagogical device for personal and professional development follows students throughout their course.



KEDGE Bachelor offers a choice of about twenty specialisations in the 3rd year, but also the possibility of choosing one of our 7 campuses.

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