KEDGE Business School - Bayonne campus

Within the CCI, KEDGE campus in Bayonne provides modern facilities and diverse programmes in a dynamic environment conducive to learning. Students thus benefit from quality education in the heart of the historic city of Bayonne.


A privileged study environment

The campus is located on the premises of the Basque Country Bayonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, providing students with privileged access to businesses and regional economic activity. It facilitates trade with Spain through its active partnership with the Bihartean Chamber of Commerce, as well as through collaborations with Spanish businesses and institutions. The 1860m² building, spread over 2 levels, is connected to the Consular Hotel by a cafeteria where students can eat and relax.

Students enjoy an environment conducive to both study and leisure, with opportunities to explore renowned seaside resorts and nearby mountains. Company visits in Spain offer practical business experience. Additionally, the campus fosters the integration of young athletes through collaborations with local sports institutions. A variety of student associations, including KEDGILI and GREEN KEDGE, enrich students' experiences by engaging them in humanitarian and environmental initiatives.

Life in Bayonne as an international student

Life in Bayonne, a picturesque city located in the Basque Country of southwestern France, offers a rich cultural experience combined with modern amenities. The city is renowned for its vibrant festivals, including the famous Bayonne Festival, celebrating Basque culture with traditional music, dance, and bullfighting. With its charming old town, lively markets, and proximity to the Atlantic coast, Bayonne provides residents with opportunities for leisurely strolls, gourmet dining, and outdoor activities such as surfing and beach outings. The city's strategic location near the Spanish border adds to its allure, allowing for easy exploration of both French and Spanish culture.

Additionally, Bayonne's strong sense of community, diverse population, and welcoming atmosphere make it an attractive destination for both locals and visitors alike. Beyond academia, Bayonne enchants with its charming old town, scenic riverfront, and easy access to the Atlantic coast, providing students with ample opportunities for leisure and exploration. Festivals and events punctuate the city's calendar, fostering a festive atmosphere and offering students a chance to engage with the local community and experience Basque culture firsthand. Moreover, Bayonne's student-friendly environment, including affordable housing options, public transportation, and student discounts, ensures a comfortable and inclusive experience for international students.

How to get there?

Airport Biarritz / Anglet / Bayonne - Bus 3 to Mousse Iraty + Bus 6 to Salbace

From Bayonne train station : Bus T1 - Direction Biarritz Mairie de Biarritz Louis Barthou - Stop CCI