The quality of our research at KEDGE is the result of highly experienced and skilled professors.

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Research at KEDGE: expertise and international recognition

While KEDGE is better known for its skills dissemination, one of its mission is also to help science move forward. Academic excellence and international prominence are just some of the challenges inherent to business school’s development strategy.

The quality of the research at KEDGE is the result of highly experienced and skilled professors. Their intellectual contributions are part of a never-ending quest to take science forward and to ensure the success of the different stakeholders in the company. This can also be seen through the professor’s interest in working closely with public and local authorities.

An indicator of the school’s level of excellence: 429 articles of which 15% in direct relation with sustainable development are listed in the CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research which is among the world’s leading research institutions.  

However, research isn’t just about publishing academic papers. The school has for ambition to have the skills and knowledge of its professors reflected onto their teaching abilities, the content of their lectures as well as their professional, institutional and academic partnerships.

The teaching role of faculty members is also to disseminate their knowledge through organised conferences, networking and developing contracts with businesses or regularly publishing specialised journal articles.

Finally, with over 200 professors and over 120000 students, our research faculty boasts a long-lasting tradition of world-leading research. Our professors are producing award winning, world-class research. As a key player in the field of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we are recognised internationally for our actions and have a dedicated research centre on sight.

KEDGE’s transversal approach to more responsible and  sustainable development has resulted in numerous research projects and publications in other disciplines such as Finance reconsidered – SEEFAR Creative industries, culture 


We perform conceptual and empirical research enabling us to better understand the role, dynamics and impacts of companies in the creation of sustainable social, environmental and economic values.


of professors-researchers publish on a topic dedicated to or in relation to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility


research dissertation projects carried out by students dedicated to or in relation to SD&CRS


chairs and transdisciplinary research projects led by our researchers in connection to SD&CSR

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