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KEDGE Alumni, a powerful professional network in China

Joining KEDGE means joining a network with more than 54,000 members, one of the biggest graduate networks on the planet.

There are currently KEDGE graduates on every continent

KEDGE Alumni supports initiatives developed by some 200 volunteer graduates who organise more than 150 meetings each year in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East. They form the backbone of the network's organisation: after-work meetings, professional clubs, conferences, etc.

How is the network organised and by whom?

The graduate network’s activities did not start with the arrival of the newly formed KEDGE. BEM and Euromed had, for many years, used their respective associations to organise meetings (local or international) and provide services (directory, job offers, etc.). Following the merger of the two schools, all the teams and services had to be reorganised in order to make them into one single entity: KEDGE Alumni. Co-chaired by Nathalie Dumas (Marseille) and Xavier Abadie (Bordeaux), the new joint association is in constant communication with the school through its representation on the Board of Directors.

KEDGE is convinced of the importance of this network and commits substantial resources, financial of course, but also human, to its management with no fewer than 5 employees.

Volunteers, branch managers, professional club managers, mentors, coaches and other experts, in addition to the members of the Board of Directors (all of whom are volunteers and KEDGE BS graduates), also play an important role in organising this network.

Professional clubs

The aim of the professional clubs, which are also organised by volunteer graduates, is to bring together KEDGE BS graduates to focus on specific themes (entrepreneurship, employment, oenology, etc.).

International branches

KEDGE alumni Shanghai (KaSH)

The aim of the international branches, organised by volunteer graduates, is to bring KEDGE alumni together, wherever they may be in the world, at social events (after-work meetings, meals and excursions) or professional events (conferences and company visits). They provide an ideal opportunity for graduates to develop their network and meet other graduates of their school. All meetings are publicised on the network by the KEDGE Alumni teams.


registered members among whom 600 Chinese on the office Shanghai


graduates Kedge among whom 1000 total Chinese China

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