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Your inability to validate the modalities of your professional and/or international experience (international internship) will not be grounds for refusing your progression or graduation, whatever your program.
In light of the current circumstances, each internship that is interrupted or that is unable to be performed (cancellation, a failure to find an internship in the current circumstances etc?) will be analyzed by your programme.
Depending upon the time spent (or not) in an internship, your program will validate the requirement or will propose an alternative solution.


You are currently on an internship in France:
Your company offers you telework and you agree: you accept this proposal and send an information e-mail to your internship department.
You are worried, you have health problems, you want to join your family and friends: you can leave your company by applying for a stop work endorsement via your virtual campus, even if your company does not agree (a newsletter has been sent to your company on this subject).
The company closes for an indefinite period of time: you must leave the company, inform your internship department and when it reopens, you will be able to resume your activity.
Your internship will commence in a few days/weeks: you can cancel your internship via the virtual campus or suspend the start date if the company agrees.

You are currently on an internship overseas
You are concerned, you have health issues that put you at risk and you wish to leave where you are in order toreturn to your family. You may request an amendment to your stop work order and leave your internship even if your company is not in agreement (you company has been

You are due to leave for an internship overseas
You should suspend your departure and inform your company.


You have the Covid 19 virus. You must inform the local health authorities who will guide you as to the procedure to follow. You should remain confined.
You have been in contact with a person or persons with the Covid 19 virus. You should remain confined.


Please find below information with respect to your particular circumstances and the answers to your questions on PDF below :

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