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FAQ Digital Learning

100% e-learning has started. Below is a first level of questions you may have.

Questions Collaborate Ultra

Access a Collaborate Ultra course session
1. Your teacher has given you the session link, in which case you just have to click on the link to access the session.
2. You do not have the session link. In this case, connect to the Learn platform, access the course in question, click on "Tools" or "Tools" in the left menu. Then click on "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra". You then access the Collaborate Ultra interface with the list of active course sessions. Click on the course session to which you must connect, a panel opens on the right. Click on "Join session".

My webcam video is displayed the wrong way, how can I correct it?
Restart your computer, reconnect the webcam. Use the Chrome browser.

What are the tools to interact?
"At the bottom of the screen, find on a character icon a dialog box which presents reaction buttons, agree / disagree On the right use the menu on the right to access the chat"

How do I share my screen?
To share my screen during a Collaborate Ultra course session, you must use the menu on the right by clicking on the purple arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Click on the "Share content" tab, then "Share application / screen". Then select the screen or application to share and click "Share" to confirm.

Questions Learn

Receive notification emails from teachers
Make sure you have configured your mailbox correctly by authorizing messages from Learn so that they arrive directly in your inbox and not in your SPAM.

See your teacher's note and comments concerning personal work or assignements. 
Connect to Learn
Access your course
Click on "Tools" or "Tools"
Click on "My marks"
Click on your marks, the assignment appears with the corrections.

If needed, contact our IT support: +33(0) 801 802 345

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