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    PARIS, Thomas ; LANG, Gerald "Liberté pour les nez" / "Freedom for noses" - Strategy of challenging the rules of an Industry in order to foster creativity French Version: CCMP : HEC-S32U English Version: The Case Studye Center Registration: 1814-001-1 (Case Studye), 814-001-8 (teaching note) et F814-001-3 (Video DVD) 2014 Case Study
    Gerald LANG, Marc OHANA. “Are management fashions dangerous for organizations?”, International Journal of Business and Management, vol.7, n°20, 2012, pp. 81-89 2012 Refereed Article
    LANG, Gerald ; BRESSOLLES, Grégory. “Economic Performance and Customer Expectation in e-Fulfillment Systems: A Multi-Channel Retailer Perspective », Supply Chain Forum: an International Journal, vol. 14, n°1, mars 2013 2013 Refereed Article
    BRESSOLLES, Grégory ; DURRIEU, François ; LANG, Gerald. “Wine on the Web- Online-Weinhandel” in FLEUCHAUS, R; ARNOLD, A (Hrsg). Weinmarketing Kundenwünsche erforschen, Zielgruppen identifizieren, innovative Produkte entwickel, Wiesbaden : édition Gabler, November 2010, pp. 319-336 2010 Chapter
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    Créer un « Mittelstand » à la française ? L’impossible adaptation du modèle allemand None Published in The Conversation
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