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Marketing in a complex and changing world

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Marketing activities and skills evolve in line with our changing world. New trends emerge regularly, such as ethical consumerism, a sense of belonging and more responsible marketing. As well as this, new forms of competition based on the creation of open ecosystems involving "trading partners" are also emerging.

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campus of Bordeaux

Dominique BILLON

Head of MSc Marketing & Brand Management

The key to marketing in a complex and changing world

To meet these new opportunities head on, we’ve designed the MSc Marketing in collaboration with a team of teacher-researchers and companies forming the KEDGE Business School ecosystem. Professors belong to one of Europe's best-known research centers, the KEDGE BS "Marketing Center of Excellence".

Programme highlights

A specialised educational programme providing access to 80% of marketing occupations

Varied options to meet all needs

The MSc Marketing is a highly specialised program that opens the door to around 80% of all marketing professions. This is due to its common core design, providing industry-specific and career-specific options.

We also offer seven options within our Master of Science Marketing:

• Brand Mangement, Bordeaux or Marseille campus
• Sales Leadership and Negotiation in BTOB, Bordeaux Campus
• Wine and French Art de Vivre, Bordeaux campus
• Customer Experience, Marseille campus
• International Marketing, Paris campus
• Communication and Event Management, Marseille campus
• Media, Lobbying and Communication, Paris Campus

A 3-tiered educational approach

Training within our Master of Science Marketing is divided into three distinct learning types:

1. Teaching by top academic faculty members of KEDGE BS's "Center of Marketing Excellence". They ensure students stay up to date with the latest advances in the field of marketing through involvement in practical research projects with companies.
2. Lectures given by experts and professionals. They share their expertise and experience first-hand with our students.
3. Practical work experience to create, apply and analyze marketing concepts. We find field work, business projects, company visits, Fab Lab sessions, etc.

Courses guided by recognized companies

In each variation of the MSc Marketing and Brand Management program, that’s specific to a profession or sector, we have a company dedicated to helping students succeed. Throughout the second semester, this company is present during lectures, job hunting, case studies, workshops, applied research issues, etc. Included on our current list of 45 partner companies is the likes of Danone, Cultura, Proctor & Gamble and Dentsu Aegis Network – to name a few.

The strength of a vast network of partners

As part of our work developing the MSc Marketing program, we’re constantly collaborating with companies. They advance our practical marketing knowledge and engage students in their research. They’re involved in the creation of the program on several levels: some in the management of the program via the Development Committee, others accompany the students throughout their optional study paths as part of the partnership program "Guiding Lights".

Professionals involved in our curriculum all share the same objective: to help future graduates develop the vision of responsible marketing while acquiring the advanced skills necessary to succeed in their projects.

A network of alumni offer countless opportunities

Once you’re a member of the KEDGE community, you have access to its many resources. In particular, a network of 1350 alumni graduates that could see you taking up any number of opportunities around the world. It also acts as an incubator and accelerator to support your entrepreneurial projects.


A state of mind firmly focused on the “time to market”

Today’s best practices can become outdated in just a few months’ time. Development cycles are getting shorter and are increasingly based around “test, learn and amplify” cycles.

Analysis and other technical skills

In the era of big data, marketers must be able to analyze quantitative datasets and interpret qualitative data from, for example, an ethnomarketing approach.

You’ll also need technical skills, especially in the digital domain. Not to mention the ability to think outside the box, create new business opportunities and challenge established processes. The goal is always to improve the customer experience and actively participate in innovation efforts.

The MSc Marketing aims to provide students with an entry point into at least 80% of marketing jobs – through advanced core courses and a choice of optional expertise streams aimed at developing specific skills. It also aims to connect students with a large international network to further enhance your prospects of finding the perfect job.

Digital marketing skills

Selected students will have the opportunity to follow Le Wagon's FullStack program for nine weeks in Bordeaux. This lets them earn a double degree by combining the Wagon Web Developer / Developer Certification (RNCP Level II) with the KEDGE MSc Diploma.

We facilitate this by connecting students with two well-known partners: the MOOC Agency, a leading provider of innovative teaching methods and Le Wagon, a coding school.

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