The KEDGE International Summer School: Toulon

A Summer School Dedicated to Design Thinking and Creativity on the French Riviera


The KEDGE Design School Toulon has negotiated with a centrally located student housing residence in the center of the city to provide our international students with affordable, safe housing during your stay:

We recommend that participants stay in the selected residence, walking distance from the Kedge Design School’s campus in the Toulon city-centre. The selected accommodation is recommended as the most affordable option available, and will provide a convenient rendezvous point both for activities associated with and outside of the programme. 

The students are accommodated in comfortable studio flats equipped with twin beds, air-conditioning, kitchenettes, room keeping once a week, and free internet access.

Click HERE to visit the website of the recommended residence

Cost per student / per night (not including breakfast or tax) is approximately:

  • Shared-room accommodation: 30€ 
  • Single Room accommodation: starting from 48€ 

While KEDGE Business School is not the owner/operator of these residences and is not involved in the invoicing process, our staff are happy to help make your reservations as a courtesy service. 

Those participants who request Kedge to help ensure their reservation at the recommended residences only, and/or find a roommate during their programme, are asked to complete an online housing questionnaire.  For those requesting a roommate, Kedge will do its best to match same-sex students with other programme participants from check-in the Sunday before the programme begins, through check-out Saturday after the programme concludes.  Participants who wish to extend their stay beyond the dates linked to the programme are to correspond with the residence directly after the initial reservation is confirmed. 

Some students may wish to find other housing on their own. This is allowed, however participants are required to ensure their own arrival to the Kedge campus without assistance from student volunteers, and coordinate to meet at other rendezvous points during the programme. 


To provide cost estimates for other expenses linked to participation during the Summer School, please see the table below:

  • Transportation: 
    • Accessing Toulon from Paris may be done by flight (usually via the Paris Orly airport – domestic flights) or Train.
    • High speed train (TGV), connecting via Marseille is approximately 200€ pp for a round trip ticket when booked sufficiently in advance. (contact SNCF for more information)
    • Local transportation (Bus, Tram, bicycles): 15€ per week
  • Meals
    • When staying in the recommended student housing, students can cook at home for very little cost.
    • Going out, a rough estimate would be: 6-10€ pp for Breakfast, 8-10€ for Lunch, and 10-20€ for Dinner
  • Visa
    • To check visa requirements and costs, please Click Here

  • Side Excursions
    • This is entirely dependent on what the student chooses to do…
    • Toulon is an excellent launch pad for visiting the famous French Riviera. Nice is 1 hour away, Monaco 1hour 20 minutes.
    • Toulon is also well connected via airport and rail, including low cost airlines flying directly to major European cities.  
    • In our experience, students coming from abroad often spend their weekends visiting Barcelona, Geneva, Munich, Amsterdam, Lisbon, London… 
    • Students may opt for travelers hostels (approx. 15€ per night) or hotels, AirBnB, etc.


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