MSc in Sustainable Change

Create positive sustainable change for individuals, organisations, and the world

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In a perpetually changing world, companies need people who master not only the concepts and tools of business as usual, but also understand the complexity of social, environmental and economic ecosystems, emerging trends, and anticipate, or initiate, changes in society. These individuals must be adaptable, resilient and create value for their company and society.
This MSc enables individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to make informed decisions to build a sustainable future - creating positive sustainable change for individuals, organisations, and the world.

The Master in Sustainable Change is designed to help students develop the mind-set, skills, and knowledge to navigate through complex and changing times. We combine the ideas of sustainable change and business logic, and support students as they focus on their passion and values – enabling them to develop a career combining sustainability with what they love.

Our flexible programme fits with the needs and aspirations of individual students: 
1.    Company Change Agents: for those who want to work on sustainable change within organisations and be social intrepreneurs
2.    Social Entrepreneurial Change Agents: for those who want to start their own company linked to sustainability
3.    Research Change Agents: for those interested in a career linked to the academic world and sustainability


Why choose this programme?

Innovative Pedagogy

  • Experiential Learning: by using real life projects and experiencing sustainability both inside and outside of the classroom, students will have the opportunity to combine theoretical and practical learning. Classroom based learning will be interactive and cover cutting edge topics.
  • Applied knowledge: skills developed are those inspired by the needs and standards of the international (business) community, applying practical tools and having experiences to later apply to real business situations

Student centred

  • Individualised programme: the programme can be individualised with elective courses to enable each student realise their vision of sustainable change: be it in a company, by starting or working in a social enterprise or through academic research
  • Group and individual development: a core course weaves through the programme throughout the school year and offers the opportunity for students to develop as a group, to integrate learning from different classes and to use this learning in personal study objectives, lives and career.

Connections to the business world, fellow students and professors

  • Business network: regular networking events, company visits and live case studies will be integral to the programme
  • Personal network: core courses, regular social events, group work and out of class activities will enable students to create lasting ties with each other.
  • Faculty: courses will be delivered by KEDGE BS faculty, and students will have regular contact with faculty members through classes, thesis supervision and events. This will all ensure that the students are able to build genuine relationships with faculty members and be supported during their time in the programme


  • National Park “The Calanques”, South of France: the KEDGE BS Marseille campus will host the majority of the programmes’ courses and activities. It includes land, sea, urbanised areas, and offers a rich ground for understanding sustainability in a variety of genuine content.  
  • Bordeaux and Paris: KEDGE BS also boasts campuses in Paris and Bordeaux. Courses and visits in these cities will include the chance to work with top companies and experience hands-on sustainable change projects with wineries.

Skills developed

Learn how to become a change maker

Understand sustainability in a personal, business and global context

Have the skills to create sustainable value

Have the tools and the competencies to assess corporate sustainability and sustainable performance

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