KEDGE insists on consent

Consent is a free and informed choice

Where sexual consent is concerned, the old saying “silence means consent” doesn’t apply: if it’s not a clear and obvious YES, then it’s NO.

Consent is a free and informed choice.

If there’s any hesitation, discomfort or uncertainty then there’s no consent.

If someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is asleep or semi-conscious, then she’s not in a position to give consent.

You are entitled to say NO and to report sexist, violent or discriminatory behaviour.

Similarly, if you witness an act of sexual harassment, sexual aggression or homophobic behaviour, you should advise the victim to report these acts and if necessary accompany and support them as they do so.

The members of the KEDGE BS community must be responsible and support one another. Without consent, it’s an act of aggression.

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Support Plan Sexual Harassment (PDF - 2.8 MB)
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