KEDGE Tackles harassment and punishes perpetrators

Diversity, wellness and health

The themes of diversity, well-being and the health of members of the KEDGE BS community are central to our school’s values and philosophy. This includes the social and environmental commitment shown on our campuses, the prevention of health issues and support for our students with the Wellness scheme, and each year through numerous socially responsible student projects HeForShe, Hey Mademoizelle, Yes I Care, Hand In Hand, Disaball, Diversitinfirms, …

Members of the KEDGE BS community are expected to display ethical and responsible behaviour and to show respect to people whatever their origin, sex, religion, physical appearance, possible disabilities, sexual orientation or political opinions, and to respect differences in terms of diversity as enshrined in law (extract from KEDGE Business School’s Rules of Procedure).

KEDGE BS will show zero tolerance of any behaviour which deviates from these principles.

In accordance with its Rules of Procedure, KEDGE BS will envisage disciplinary procedures and possibly criminal proceedings in the event of non-compliance with these diversity-related principles.

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Support Plan Sexual Harassment (PDF - 3 MB)
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