KEDGE Business School - Avignon campus

Benefiting from an exceptional location within a wooded park , the Avignon campus benefits from the proximity and the dynamics of Agroparc, the region's centre of excellence.

Discover KEDGE Avignon campus

With its connected classrooms, its 140-seat amphitheatre hosting professional conferences and a completely renovated lounge area, the Avignon campus is designed for the students comfort to evolve in a modern environment in line with the dynamic environment of a business.

The presence on campus of other higher education schools in hospitality and finance in particular, allows students to get to know other professional options which could be essential for their future studies.

To facilitate the search for accommodation, a student residence is located in the immediate vicinity of the campus.

Discover the campus

Study Business Management in Avignon

KEDGE Bachelor in Management is a generalist bachelor covered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This programme allows students to acquire the fundamentals of management, to live abroad for 6 months and to benefit from field experience upon graduation.

How to get to KEDGE campus in Avignon?

- You can get to the campus by Bus 04 or 13 from the City Centre in around 40 minutes.

Life in Avignon as an international student

Avignon is a typical Provencal city, full of history and culture. There are two main campuses in Avignon: the first one, Hannah Arendt, is located in the city centre (Sainte Marthe); the other one, Jean-Henri Fabre, is outside the city, in a technology park called Agroparc.  The university, composed of these 2 main campuses, has only about 8,000 students. Thus, with fewer students in class, the teachers can be reached out easily, and the working conditions are all at their best.

Places to visit

Avignon is a very lovely city. You should visit the Palais des Papes ("Palace of the Popes") and the Rocher des Doms. The University is, in itself, a very beautiful building, too. You can walk through the Place de l'Horloge ("Clock Square"), discover the Rue de la République ("République Street") and go up the shopping streets to Place Pie ("Pie Square"), where you would find all the bars. Have a walk along the ramparts to the Avignon bridge (dancing is authorised).

The nightlife

The nightlife is good in Avignon, provided you go out on Thursday night (or especially to students' parties). Usually, the place to go is Place Pie, where all the most popular bars are concentrated, and where people normally get together and party.

Student accommodation

Finding accommodation in Avignon is not more difficult than in any other city. There are plenty of small flats to rent, whether you choose to rent a room from a private individual or from an organisation (like the 'CROUS'). If you choose a flat from the CROUS, it is easier (a smaller search), it can be cheaper (not always though), but there are plenty of rules that can be restrictive (and sometimes annoying, like you cannot invite a friend to a sleepover). Thus, if you have time and attention to spend, I would advise you to look for a room rented out by a private individual (have a look at websites like Le Bon Coin or on Facebook).