Education and training

KEDGE’s mission is to develop managers’ talent and support them throughout their lives in a global and complex environment without borders.

Training responsible managers

A “viral” approach

We firmly believe that our responsibility does not lie in training sustainable development managers, even if some of our students will go on to take up such posts.

We have a duty to give future marketing, purchasing, financial or HR managers and future decision-makers or entrepreneurs all the information they need to fully incorporate sustainable development as a key factor for success as part of their personal and professional lives. For this reason, we work with course managers and teachers to incorporate these concepts as effectively as possible as part of the learning process for all of our students.

KEDGE’s mission is to “Develop managers’ talent and support them throughout their lives in a global and complex environment without borders. The school seeks to train innovative, ethical and socially responsible entrepreneurs, well-equipped to meet companies’ needs and to contribute to their development". 

Learning by Doing: a central aspect of the educational process

Through transdisciplinarity, KEDGE trains managers in a new corporate model, one of which is networked, flexible, innovative and global. The objective is to develop “non-academic” skills among students including creativity and interpersonal skills in professional relationships, while at the same time linking all of this to our teaching. The results of this include greater involvement in associations, PROACTs (projects-actions), behavioural simulations or Business Games.

Personal development : a key developmental aspect

Personal development is an integral part of the KEDGE experience. Future managers must be able to assess themselves, setting their own objectives and developing personal strategies while learning from their actions.

Dedicated to personal development, the Be U team proposes individual meetings and group workshops to help people prepare their personal and professional career plan. Specialised coaches are on hand to assist students wishing to pursue a career in CSR.

An original initiative has also been developed across all campuses. It includes "My way" days:

  • individual CV workshops
  • motivation meetings
  • activity-specific conferences; but also the creation of a remote support service and coaching for students at the end of their training looking to pursue an international career.

Measuring our actions

Higher education graduates are the citizens of tomorrow. The decisions they will be taking will have an impact on society and the world.

How can we make this generation an enlightened and socially-committed generation for the 21st-century?

How can we ensure that they are fully equipped to incorporate these aspects in their future jobs and assume the consequences of their choices in full knowledge of the circumstances?

From September 2014, all new students must take the Sulitest and the school is envisaging requiring a minimum score for this test as a condition for obtaining their diploma by 2020.


 We will create educational frameworks, resources, processes and environments allowing for effective learning experiences to foster responsible leadership.


of internships dedicated to or linked to Sustainable Development or Corporate Social Responsibility


of graduates proclaim to apply the principles of responsible management


of initiatives and Pro-Act students have SD and CSR criteria

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