KEDGE Business School launches its Master of Science in Arts and Creative Industries Management at the Paris campus starting in September 2018

PRESS RELEASE - 07/03/2018

KEDGE Business School launches its Master of Science in Arts and Creative Industries Management at the Paris campus starting in September 2018

KEDGE made Arts and Creative Industries Management one of its fields of expertise by carrying out innovative academic research into challenges faced by companies, countries and public organisations working within the sector. In September 2018, KEDGE will be strengthening its initial training offering by launching the Master of Science in Arts & Creative Industries Management in Paris.

France is known all around the world for its expertise in arts and creative industries, highlighted José Milano, Director General of KEDGE. To maintain this leadership, companies from these industries are looking for highly advanced skills, able to respond to the specific challenges they face. Our new MSc in Arts & Creative Industries Management aims to draw on our expertise in the field to produce such profiles.

Since 2004, KEDGE has been expanding its expertise in the Creative Industries Research Centre. The programme of the Master of Science in Arts & Creative Industries Management is based on the expertise of this Research Centre - the only one of its kind in France - which joined forces with a number of actors from the industry and has already trained 500 graduates as part of the Grande Ecole Programme.

The course is taught in English and is designed for French and international students. The Arts & Creative Industries Management Master of Science is a premium programme offering students the chance to be immersed in the French culture during their studies, specified Anne Gombault, Professor and Director of the Creative Industries & Culture Research Centre at KEDGE. This includes visual arts, heritage, performing arts, cultural industries such as cinema, music, publishing and video games, and other creative industries such as fashion, luxury goods, arts and crafts, gastronomy, wine and spirits as well as tourism, leisure activities and entertainment. Future graduates will be able to take on management and marketing positions in these fields all over the world thanks to the specific skills they will obtain.

KEDGE’s partners for this Master of Science include prestigious art institutions and small dynamic and creative companies. They share their know-how and best practices during on-site visits, workshops and study trips. A comparative international seminar will be led by visiting professors from Europe, America, Asia and Australia, who will help students understand arts and creative industries management on a national and international level.

Programme of the Master of Science in Arts & Creative Industries Management:


Creation & Creativity
Politics & Cultural Economics

Arts & Creative Industries Strategy
Arts & Creative Industries Marketing Arts & Creative Industries Management


International Seminar
Arts & Heritage Management
Performing Arts Management
Cultural Industries Management
Creative Services Management: Design
Taste Industries Management
Leisure Management: Tourism & Entertainment


  • Workshops
  • Tools (Finance, Sponsorship, Web marketing, Law, Logistics, French, etc.)
  • Study trips (French Creative London, Creative Provence)
  • Integration seminar
  • Applied research dissertation
  • 6-month internship in the arts and creative industries sector.

Practical information:

The Master of Science is a high-level programme accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles that enables students to specialise or obtain a joint degree at an international level. The programme, which can be completed in one or two years, requires 3-5 years of higher education, is for students of all nationalities seeking an international career. The MSc is between a bachelor’s and a PhD, and is worth 90 ECTS credits. It is thus a master's level programme equivalent to 5 years of higher education (Bac +5).

Admission level: 4-5 years of higher education (Bac +4, Bac +5)

Duration: 18 months
Degree: Master of Science
Campus: Paris

Format: Full time

Language: English

About the Arts and Creative Industries Research Centre

The role of the research centre is to produce and share knowledge about the management of creative industries and culture. Functioning as a branch of the school, the group examines the positioning of actors within society, both during production processes and in markets. It also carries out research on the nature of creative and cultural assets, and the conditions under which they are produced. Researchers at the centre study the specific behaviour of European creative and cultural organisations in order to better support their management systems. The group carries out research for and in collaboration with numerous partners: Europe, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, regions, cities, cultural institutions, companies, and academic and professional journals.

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