Research center - Finance reconsidered

Under the direction of Prof. Bernard Paranque, the Finance Reconsidered research centre, focuses on issues of alternative finance, social and solidarity economy, in particular cooperative organisations, social entrepreneurship and new development models that are in high demand in emerging markets. The research is organised around management disciplines based on three founding themes:

  • Finance reconsidered: market finance and corporate finance, but also SRI, ethical finance (including Islamic finance) led by the AG2R LA MONDIALE Chair “Finance Reconsidered: Investment - Solidarities – Responsibility” ;
  • Alternative economy based on social, solidarity and cooperative economy themes, common guiding principles and territories, etc. and developed in cooperation with LEST (Institute of Labour Economics and Industrial Sociology, a local university research institute) and ESIA (Agency to finance employment) as part of a joint seminar entitled “Territory, Cooperation and the Common Good”;
  • Challenges to development: geo-political and geo-economic, education, training, entrepreneurship (including microfinance, micro-insurance social entrepreneurship), youth, growth models and their financing.

Several members of the center are researchers with worldwide recognition, as demonstrated by their editorial activities and editorial board memberships in highly recognized journals. Professor T. Lagoarde-Segot is Editor-in-Chief of the Research in International Business and Finance journal, and Prof. C. Revelli and B. Paranque are editorial board members. The journal is associated to various national and international research networks (INFINITI, ISCEF, AFFI, AFEP).

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Recent publications

  • Paranque, B. and Pérez R. (Eds) (2015): La Finance autrement? Réflexions critiques et perspectives sur la finance moderne, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion (Published in 2016 in Emerald/Elsevier, 'Critical Studies on Corporate Responability, Governance and Sustainability’).
  • Suárez-Herrera, J.C., Contandriopoulos, A.P., Hartz, Z. and Cupertino, F. (dir.) (2015): L’amélioration continue de la performance des systèmes et des services de santé : un enjeu incontournable. Montréal : Presses de l’Université de Montréal & Brasilia : Conselho Nacional de Secretários de Saúde do Brasil (CONASS), 300 p.
  • Dardour, A., Husser, J., and Hollandts, X., (2015) : CEO Compensation and Board Diversity: Evidence from French Listed Companies, Revue de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (RGRH),  98, 30-44.
  • Lagoarde-Segot, T., (2016): La finance solidaire, un humanisme économique», De Boeck, Bruxelles, 2014, 183 p.Book accredited by the French Management Association (FNEGE) in 2016.
  • Zoubir, Y., (2015): North African Politics Change and Continuity, Co-edited with Gregory White, Routledge.
  • Aubert N. and Hollandts X., (2015): How shared capitalism affects employee withdrawal: An econometric case study of a French-listed company, Journal of Applied Business Research, 31(3), 925-938.
  • Bassino, J.P. and Lagoarde-Segot, T., (2015): Informational Efficiency in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1931-40. Economic History Review, doi: 10.1111/ehr.12096.
  • Ben Larbi, S., Lacroux A., and Luu P., (2014): Evaluation de la performance sociétale des entreprises nord-américaines : une analyse du pouvoir explicatif et prédictif des indicateurs ESG, Revue Française de Gestion, 40(243), 89-105.
  • Erragraguy, E. and Revelli, C. (2015): Should Islamic Investors Consider SRI Criteria in their Investment Strategy? Finance Research Letters, 14: 11-19.
  • Hollandts, X., Borodak, D. and Tichit, A., (2015) : Plus autonome ? L’évolution des structures de gouvernance des sociétés cotées françaises (1997-2008), Management International, 19(3), 47-64.
  • Paranque B. and Willmott H., (2014): Cooperatives - Saviours or Gravediggers of Capitalism? The Ambivalent Case of the John Lewis Partnership”, Organization, 21(5), 604-625.
  • Tchakouté, H. (2014): Institutional framework and capital structure of microfinance institutions. Journal of Business Research 67(10), 2185–2197.
  • Zoubir, Y., (2014): Building a New Silk Road: China and the Middle East in the 21st Century, co-edited with D. Sun, World Affairs Press, Beijing, 2014.

Major conferences and seminars

Members of the center have been, or are currently, organising a number of conferences and workshops and seminars, including:

  • 2015: 12th & 13rd Infiniti Conference on International Finance. Special sessions were organized by member of the research center on finance reconsidered;
  • 2015: Research seminar by Dr C. Karyotis and S. Alijani (NEOMA) on Financialization, Agricultural Markets, and Common-Pool Resources: A Multilevel Analysis and by Dr. A. Rambaud and J. Richard (Université Paris-Dauphine) on Sustainable Finance: Towards a New Conception: The ‘Triple Depreciation Line’ instead of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’: Towards a Genuine Integrated Reporting”.
  • 2015: Research seminar on « Post Crisis Finance Research Network » with Dr J. Cloke (Loughborough University), Dr. Luis Reyes (CEPN, University Paris 13), Dr. Franck Jovanovic (University of Leicester), Dr C. Schinckus (University of Leicester), and Dr Pauline Gleadle (University of Westminster, UK).
  • 2016: Research seminar on microfinance by Dr Jordan Melmies (University of Lille) and Dr Tchakouté (Kedge BS).

Research Networks and invited scholars

Members of the Center are involved in various research networks (formalized partnerships with other institutions). These involve partnerships with: 

  • LEST, UMR CNRS 7317, Aix Marseille University;
  • GREQAM, UMR CNRS 7316, Aix Marseille University;
  • Montpellier Research in Management. Montpellier Recherche en Management (MRM), équipe d'accueil EA 4557,
  • LABEX Entreprendre University of Montpellier 1,
  • Research centre (EA 4190), Management Bancaire et Financier, Université of Bordeaux,
  • IRGO, Institut de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations, Université of Bordeaux.
  • LEAD, Laboratoire International Associé (LIA) du CNRS.
    • Finance & Sustainibility (FAS) programme (in cooperation with IFA, CGSIG, FIR-SIF, ISMEA, RIODD…).
    • Finance & Common Goods network, led by Professor R. Pérez, President of the Chair Scientific Committee.

Members of the Finance Reconsidered Center of Research have invited worldwide renewed scholars who gave research talks at Kedge BS and enabled opportunities for network collaborations. These include, amongst other:

  • 2015: C. Karyotis and S. Alijani (NEOMA).
  • 2015: A. Rambaud and J. Richard (Université Paris-Dauphine)
  • 2015: Jon Cloke (Loughborough University).
  • 2015: L. Reyes (CEPN, University Paris 13).
  • 2015: C. Schinckus (University of Leicester).
  • 2015: P. Gleadle (University of Westminster, UK).
  • 2016: J. Melmies (Université de Lille).
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