Independent Work and New Forms of Entrepreneurship

The changes in the forms of professional activity

The Chair "Independent Work and New Forms of Entrepreneurship,” financed for 3 years by AGIPI, aims to shed scientific light on tomorrow's work.

Indeed, the changes in the forms of professional activity are shaking up the previously well-established codes of work, giving rise to the problem of self-employment and new forms of socialization. Faced with these trends and the rise of self-employment, the Chair aims to understand the socio-economic changes taking place (the motivations of young entrepreneurs in particular), to map new forms of entrepreneurship and to analyze the consequences of this rise (on the health of self-employed workers, management and governance in particular).

The Chair will focus on 4 axes of research:

  • Axis 1: Entrepreneurship, socio-cultural evolutions and managerial practices: understanding the change of values and new entrepreneurial desires
  • Axis 2: Quality of life and well-being at work in individual entrepreneurship: understanding the determinants of QWL and health issues
  • Axis 3: Governance and production methods: understanding new work organizations and the economics of platforms
  • Axis 4: New forms of entrepreneurship in Europe.

AGIPI, present historically alongside entrepreneurs and the self-employed for over 40 years,  is convinced of the need to understand the changes that these new self-employed workers will have to face and the solutions to be put in place to ensure their business development. These evolutions reflect a profound change in society.

AGIPI would like to address these crucial issues of transformation in the professional world. The company thus wishes to participate in the development of the resources necessary to better understand today's world and to better anticipate the world of tomorrow.

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