KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL awarded Level 1 Digital Responsibility label

In an increasingly digital world, KEDGE Business School is opting for a sustainable digital model, a commitment now recognised by the Responsible Digital label.

The Responsible Digital Label

A true benchmark in France, the Responsible Digital label is based on a set of guidelines drawn up by the Institut du Numérique Responsable in partnership with the French Ministry for Ecological Transition, ADEME and WWF. This distinction demonstrates KEDGE Business School's commitment to a more sustainable, inclusive and ethical digital world.

This means integrating the 3 challenges of digital technology set as below:

  • Environmental (reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as recycling and reusing terminals);
  • Social (digital accessibility);
  • Ethical (protection of digital personal data).

By obtaining the Responsible Digital label, KEDGE is committed to making progress by implementing a plan of action, made up of 5 commitments (environment, accessibility, ethics, resilience, values).

From signing the charter to the Responsible Digital Label

On 12 May 2023, KEDGE Business School signed the Responsible Digital Charter with the Institut du Numérique Responsable (INR), joining a group of business schools which have already adhered to it.

To obtain the label, an external audit was carried out on 5 different topics between June and July 2023:

  • Governance and strategy
  • Training
  • Cross-functional appraoches
  • Users
  • Organisations

Finally, an independent labelling committee made up of Green IT experts awarded the label after examining the auditor's report and the commitments made by KEDGE Business School to make progress over the next 2 years.

Since September 5th, 2023, KEDGE Business School has been awarded the Level 1 label for a period of 2 years (valid for 2 years). This allows us to fully commit ourselves to sustainable actions on a Responsible Digital approach and to benefit from a real commitment for the managers of tomorrow.

KEDGE Business School's responsible digital approach

Our plan consists of 32 actions, each accompanied by at least one performance indicator and a deadline.

The next 3 actions to be implemented are:

  • Raise awareness and provide training in Responsible Digital Use (e.g. information workshop, training course, distribution of best practice guides)
  • Measure the impact of its digital services (frequency of use or energy consumption, for example) using multiple criteria and a global approach to the service as a whole (equipment, servers, networks, etc.)
  • Calling on associations, start-ups and sustainable innovation projects to meet its product and service needs, and participating in the structuring and improvement of these sustainable offers and services.

After 4 months of investment and research to become a more digitally responsible school, the plan of action is under way.

Find out more about the label and our Digital Responsibility approach