La Vie en Rose | KEDGE 2017 Gala Dinner in Shanghai le 15/12/2017

On the evening of Dec. 9, 2017, KEDGE 2017 Gala Dinner was held at Pudong Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai. KEDGErs from MBA, EMBA, DBA as well as master and bachelor programmes gathered together to celebrate another successful year for KEDGE and have a good time with old friends and new ones!

Following the opening show, 4 MC came on the stage. With humor and charm, they extended greetings to all the guests present and set the joyful tone of the night.


Mr. José MILANO, Director General, Dr. Guy MARCILLAT, General Manager for China and Dr. Hervé REMAUD, MBA Programme Director of KEDGE Business School addressed the welcome speech for the Gala.


Thanks to the sponsors for the event, special lucky draw was prepared to animate the Gala. Congratulations to the lucky KEDGErs and sincere gratitude to our sponsors and award presenters.

3rd prize provided by Dragonfly. Prize winner with Mr. Pascal VIDAL, Associate Dean and Academic programmes Director of KEDGE

3rd prize provided by COTY. Prize winner with company representative Ms. Jojo ZHU (Global MBA 2016 Intake)

3rd prize provided by Innisfree. Prize winners with Mr. Scott DAI, Programme Registrar of KEDGE Shanghai

2nd prize provided by Sunup Consulting. Prize winner with company representative Mr. Lance SHEN (Global MBA 2014 Intake)

2nd prize provided by naked Retreats. Prize winner with company representative

1st prize provided by Citizen. Prize winner with Mr. Guy MARCILLAT, General Manager for China of KEDGE

1st prize provided by naked Hub. Prize winner with company representatives


On the special occasion, 3 KEDGE communities made their presentations to the guests and invited KEDGE alumni to join their group.

Mr. Li Mingzhi (Global MBA 2012 Intake), representative of Ma Sai Ma La Marathon Club introduced the creation and development of the club and impressed the guests with the club’s passion for running and a healthy lifestyle.


Mr. Lance SHEN (Global MBA 2014 Intake), Head of KEDGE Entrepreneurship Club, introduced the club while recalling the events organised by the club in the past few years and shared experiences gained from his MBA study.


Ms. Lucie SHU (ESC 2015) and Ms. Angie GUO (ESC 2012), 2 representatives of the KEDGE alumni group in Shanghai (KaSH), listed the alumni events which took place in 2017 and encouraged KEDGErs to keep themselves updated with school news by subscribing to KEDGE Official Wechat, Weibo, Facebook, LinkedIn and visiting KEDGE Chinese Official Websites ( and for KEDGE Alumni  Website (

The festive evening culminated with the performances presented by participants of MBA 2016 Intake and 2017 new Intake. 

Elegant dancers, melodious music and magnificent costumes, the royal dance performed by MBA 2016 Intake was an amazing reproduction of the French court dance in the age of Louis XIV.


MBA 2017 Intake made their debut with the song “Fly Away”. Against their passionate singing, they gave best wishes to the EMBA and MBA graduates and expressed their aspiration for the MBA study in the near future.


With the live band serenading the gala, guests dined and drank, communicating with each other and building the network.

In the convivial atmosphere, the event came to an end. May our participants and alumni harvest a new year of fruitful outcome!

Ma Sai Ma La Marathon Club

Ma Sai Ma La is a running club created by KEDGE-SJTU EMBA & Global MBA alumni. Combining the healthy running lifestyle with charity and medical assistance, they have participated in many running races such as Shanghai International Marathon and Dishuihu 24 hours Charity Run. Ma Sai Ma La runs for health, for fun and for a positive life spirit!

Club Head:Mr. Cao Jindong


Entrepreneurship Club

To marry the entrepreneurship elements and spirits in our various club activities featured diversity, crossover and lifestyle-related elements, we will invite influential alumni from all sectors to deliver TED style speeches to leave on an interesting life experience for those who have the opportunity for our O2O (on campus to off campus) activities.

Club Head:Mr. Lance SHEN



The KEDGE BS alumni group in Shanghai (KaSH) believes in the values of KEDGE Business School: SHARE information, CREATE new opportunities and CARE for the community.

KaSH organises events for all KEDGE Business School alumni. It doesn't matter what programme you studied or what country you are from. 

Group Head:Mr. Vincent LM



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