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MSc students discuss Cybersecurity with IBM Security France Head of Business Development le 19/02/2021

Sébastien JARDIN, Head of Business Development at IBM Security France, gave Digital Marketing & Sales MSc students a lecture on Cybersecurity as part of their experiential module.

An expert point of view on Cybersecurity

On February 19th, MSc Digital Marketing & Sales had the opportunity to attend Sébastien Jardin “Cybersecurity is a business partner - Managing digital risk in a hyperconnected world” conference online.

Cybersecurity encompasses everything that protects sensitive data and personal information. At a time when everything becomes data, it has become a critical concern for business operations and processes, including in digital marketing positions. Sébastien Jardin is an expert in this field working at IBM Security for more than 7 years.

The following subjects were developed:

  • Everything is becoming digital
  • Cyber-attacks on the increase
  • Cyber-crime, a very profitable business
  • Cybersecurity, a business partner
  • How to efficiently integrate cybersecurity in the projects
  • We all are cyberdefenders

This conference is an example of the experiential pedagogy part of the MSc programme allowing students to understand concrete company cases and to debate with experts.

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