Business Engineering

A dual expertise in technology and management to accelerate your career

Admission level


International Bachelor's degree - 4 years
Bac +5

Master of Science


Admission level :
International Bachelor's degree - 4 years Bac +5
Duration :
15 months
Degree :
Master of Science
Format :
Full time
Language :


Formulating and Implementing an International Business Strategy (90h)

Understanding the stakes of a company’s international business development strategy to assure sustainable growth.


  • Project marketing 
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Complex Negotiation
Managing Complex Projects (60h)

Managing internal or external projects and mastering the methodologies, facets and stakeholders of complexity. Initiate cooperation strategies between a heterogeneous set of players and analyze their legal and financial ties.


  • Complex Project Management & Engineering
  • Financial and Legal Engineering
Defining Innovation Strategies (60h)

Innovation comes from strategic decisions that arise from interactions between general strategy, technological and managerial innovations, innovative uses and collaborative networks.


  • Innovation strategy
  • Innovation networks
Steering business activities when confronted with emerging issues and challenges (60h)

Tackling company leadership and decision interactions.  Exploring new forms of management and social dynamics to better navigate through significant change.


  • Strategic decision making
  • Project team management
Tracks (60h)

2 specializations to choose from :


1. Business Development


  • This track focuses on developing strategic portfolio activities for a company, deploying an international strategy and seizing business opportunities linked to digital transformations. International Strategy
  • Digital transformation & business opportunities


2. Digital Transformation Management


Allows student to become familiar with the uses and benefits of developing new business opportunities or carrying out internal digital transformation projects.  They also learn how to be at ease with technologies (tech possibilities, uses, key actors, and innovation awareness) and how to pilot organizational change


  • Prospective Technologies
  • Change Management
Elective courses: Choice of 2 (electives may vary based on companyneeds) (60h)
  • B2B Communication
  • Knowledge Management
  • Create Your Own Business
  • Business Models & Digital Economy 
  • Economic intelligence
  • Codesign Seminar
  • Mindset Shift in a Global and Complex World
Corporate Projects

Consulting assignment on a subject proposed by a company and followed by a KEDGE BS tutor.  Topics of each mission are diverse and can target actions such as :


  • Company diversification through innovation
  • Company globalization
  • New Markets
  • Feasibility Study
  • Marketing Study
  • And more
Professional Thesis

The objective of the professional thesis, in conjunction with the corporate project, is to deal with a business engineering issue through a theoretical and professional approach.  This requires the student to use a selection of concepts, tools and pertinent methods.

Evaluation methods

This program uses a variety of pedagogical approaches and focuses on experiential learning and corporate relations: 


negotiation simulations that are filmed with video debriefing

Computer simulations for business management

Corporate Projects: Nokia, Orange Business Services, Ansys (with onsite visits and access to their simulators). Coaching and professional feedback sessions 

Evaluations combine group work on case studies, projects, simulations and individual exams. 


Adding value to our courses
  • Competitions (innovation, negotiation, etc)
  • Company visits
  • Professional Conferences (Airbus, Microsoft, Schneider, Naval Group…)
  • Coaching
  • Networking with Alumni
  • Online Courses (Crossknowledge) and digital content
  • Online Library (15 000 books)
Focus on Entrepreneurship

The Toulon Campus houses its own student business incubator, the Business Nursery.  Each project leader is eligible to use KEDGE BS experts and their professional network to build their business.  Our experts in technological management and design favor cross-disciplinary approaches.  


Services include:


  • Individual coaching
  • Workshops
  • Rdv with experts (legal, financial, start ups)
  •  Examples of recent student projects:


Carpooling for companies (startup now incubated by KEDGE BS and Microsoft)

Solar beacons that detect natural risks within mining zones

Recycling seaweed and transforming it into building insolation

River hydropower equipment…

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