Summer Schools in Marseille

A flexible summer programme on the Mediterranean Coast of Southern France

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Full time


June & July

Admission level


Advanced Bachelor
Master's degree


What Do We Offer?

A flexible summer programme that allows you to either follow one of our 4, thematic programme packages, or mix and match courses to build YOUR own programme according to your interests, needs, time and budget!

Over the course of our 8 week Summer School, we offer:

  • 10 courses, each carrying 5 ECTS and ranging from 1 – 4 weeks in duration
  • 4 programme « Packages »
  • 3 Intensive, Interdisciplinary workshops
  • A Business Visit to local and multinational companies or social activity to promote cultural immersion EVERY week of the programme - included in tuition fees!
  • A thoroughly international experience on the Mediterranean Coast of Southern France! 

Eligible participants: Highly motivated and open-minded Bachelor or Master level students in good academic standing with a sufficient level of English.

Why choose this programme?

10 courses over Eight weeks

You can take just one course in a week, leaving with 5 ECTS credits, or as many as all 8 classes over the two months!  Follow a course package, or build your own program.  Take a class for 2 weeks - travel Europe for two weeks, then come back and take another class.  The possibilities are endless!

Learn management skills in English

by a diverse, international pool of top-quality faculty members

French as foreign language classes are available

When in France why not try to pick up a bit of the language?? We offer French as a Foreign courses at two levels: 

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate-Advanced

Social and Company Visits

Every week, we include a company visit or social activity (included in tuition fees).  An initiation to Scuba Diving, a guided hike in the Calanques National Park, a Sailboat tour, or visiting the French Riviera are some of the social activities we include.  On the business side, we take our guests to a regional vinyard specialised in sustainable production, have a priviledged access visit to the Olympique de Marseille football team's stadium and front offices, and take our students to local companies doing business in a multinational context.  

Customize your programme according to your interests

Our flexible format allows you to follow one of our 4 Programme Packages, or pick and choose the courses that interest you the most to build your own "Hybrid" option

Earn credits

Every course features 30 hours in class, is formally evaluated, carries 5 transferrable ECTS credits, and leads to both a certificate of completion as well as official transcripts

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