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Business Engineering

A dual expertise in technology and management to accelerate your career






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A dual expertise in technology and management to accelerate your career

Business engineers specialize in Business-to-Business environments and negotiate complex, high-profit solutions, products and services. Not only do they manage their business portfolio, they also propose comprehensive global solutions to their business customers. Positioned at the interface between commercial and technical teams, business engineers coordinate and deploy major projects from beginning to end. For the past 30 years, the Business Engineering Program has been specifically tailored for scientific or technical profiles. Acclaimed by innovative companies, this program responds to emerging issues within high-tech and high-value-added industries.


Dual expertise in technology and management

In a world of rapid change, companies value skillsets, which allow us to transform technologies into opportunities to innovate and create new activities.  The learning environment is also 100% technology and B2B centered.

International teaching team

An international teaching team composed of both academic and professional professors. Faculty members deliver the Program alongside professionals from large high-tech companies. Both their origins and experiences are international.

Experiential Pedagogy

The Program privileges learning methods that place students in professional simulations role-playing, company developed projects and workshops with designers and engineers… 

Program valued and supported by leading business firms

The skillsets developed through this Program are acclaimed by companies from industrial sectors such as: aeronautics, IT, electronics, energy, environment, telecommunications, civil engineering, transportation... 

Starting Salary at 38K€ (France) with 95% of graduates employed within the first 6 months. 


Powerful Alumni Network

Within a network of over 60 000 graduates, 2 500 alumni come from the Business Engineering Program.  KEDGE BS gives you access to a global community of connected professionals. 


Creating comprehensive solutions and contracting business deals

Negotiating complex and high added-value business solutions within a technological and B2B environment. 

Multidisciplinary Project Management

Managing projects that coordinate the actions of commercial, marketing, financial, technical and legal teams in response to a company’s needs. 

Generating Innovation, Boosting Value Creation Activities

Elaborating collaborative innovation strategies in order to generate value creation activities for high-tech companies. 

Developing an entrepreneurial spirit

Developing an entrepreneurial spirit and initiating innovative projects while launching evolution strategies for companies and organizations. 

Leadership Development

Acquire new management skills, lead teams using project management processes

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