PRESS RELEASE – 10.10.2017

PRESS RELEASE – 10.10.2017

Me Geneviève Maillet President of the Marseille Bar Association and Christophe Mouysset Corporate Relations Manager, KEDGE Business School Signed their partnership agreement on Monday 9 October 2017 at 5 PM At Maison de l’Avocat 51 Rue Grignan 13006 Marseille

Firmly convinced that relationships between graduate schools and professional institutions are a source of professionalism and innovation, and that progress targets must be set accordingly in this area, the MARSEILLE BAR ASSOCIATION and KEDGE Business School are coordinating their activities in the skills development field.

This co-operation will concern fields enabling KEDGE and its students to benefit from the environment and the know-how offered by the MARSEILLE BAR ASSOCIATION while at the same time providing the Bar association with all the opportunities for co-operation one would expect from an establishment renowned for the outstanding quality of the training it provides.

The joint objective is to establish a long-term partnership between KEDGE and the MARSEILLE BAR ASSOCIATION based on a close, high-quality working relationship.

The partnership between the MARSEILLE BAR ASSOCIATION and KEDGE Business School seeks to:

  • Have the two organisations cooperate in order to take innovation forward in our region by forging a link between these 2 dynamic bodies
  • Enable KEDGE’s students and the lawyers from the Marseille Bar Association to exchange best practices via internships, conferences and participation on panel


As the third-largest bar in France, the Marseille Bar is an active stakeholder in the development of the city and its region. It represents more than 2,200 lawyers, covering all legal fields. It is positioned at the cutting edge of the digital transformation currently underway in the lawyers’ profession and actively participates in efforts to ensure that society’s most disadvantaged people benefit from the law. As legal professionals, the lawyers from the Marseille Bar offer a complete range of skills and services to private individuals, companies and institutions in Marseille and more widely for all organisations constituted to defend, advise and assist them. Maison de l’Avocat, 51 rue Grignan – 13006 Marseille + 33 (0)4 91 15 31 00

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