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Research center - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Members of the research group contributed to the development of Entrepreneurship in the three classical main areas a professor has to perform. 

First, regarding research and publication, their expertise is vast and their research areas cover an ever-wider field ranging from entrepreneurship and innovation (International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, The International Journal of the Economics of Business, Revue Internationale PME) to entrepreneurial diversity (Revue Gestion 2000, Strategic Change, Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat), via women entrepreneurs (Management International, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business), family businesses (Journal of Family Business Strategy; Revue Française de Gestion) or economic development (World Development). Members of the research group are part of several research communities worldwide (Academy of Management – AOM and European Academy of Management - EURAM, International Council of Small Business - ICSB, and International Association for Entrepreneurship and SMEs - AIREPME). They attended international academic Conferences and Workshops (ACERE, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange; BCERC, Babson College; Rent, Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business, ECSB; ASAC, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada; etc.).

Second, for professional practice and education, members develop programs in line with their research competencies (Majors and courses for MBA, Track of Excellence and electives for the "Grande Ecole" Program, Open Source Seminars for MSc, Workshops for Executive, Alumni and Students).

Third, they provide services to the internal community with conferences, workshops and seminars for the students associations (Alumni, Accede, Enactus and Unis-Terre). They also contribute to external communities by holding public lectures or panel debates (World Bank; French National Institute for Research and Development – IRD, local incubators and business angels – Cosens, Provence Business Angels, etc.).

Major academic conferences

In line with the 34th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society (SMS) in Madrid, members of the research group organized at Kedge Marseille a “SMS 2014 Madrid Extension” on the 24th of September 2014 to provide a discussion space on relational issues linked to the topic “Innovating in an open world: a relational perspective”. It gathered world specialists (R. Garud, Pennsylvania State University; X. Lecocq, University of Lille; R. Madhavan, University of Pittsburgh; P.S. Ring, Loyola Marymount University; M. Nordberg, Cern and Yami S., Kedge Business School) who each brought a perspective that captured the issues of cooperative strategies in a contemporary world characterized by the need to openness. Open innovation inspires the strategies of organizational actors in configurations that seem more efficient and which supported new business models (technological platforms, social networks...).

Members of the research group contributed to the organization of a Major National Event, called 1st “International Symposium of Management” (May 19-23 2014), a project headed by the FNEGE (French Foundation for Management Education), the collection of Scientific Associations of Management Science, the IAE Aix Graduate School of Management and KEDGE Business School. The main objective was to create a space dedicated to the reflection on and expression of higher education and research in management, and of promoting both on the national and international levels. The event included the FNEGE day (May 22nd) dedicated to both roundtable discussions and high-level conferences with world specialists (H. Mintzberg, MCGill University; A. Pettigrew, Oxford - Saïd Business School; D. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University and W. Starbuck, Oregon University).

In line with this event, which included 12 national scientific conventions in different areas of management, members of the research group contributed to the organization of the 1st National Conference which brought together the two French Scientific Associations in Entrepreneurship (Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation – AEI & International Association of Research in Entrepreneurship and SMEs – AIREPME). The conference, whose topic was “Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Challenges and Opportunities”, was attended by more than 200 participants from the academic and professional worlds, from over fifteen different countries. It took place on the Marseille Campus on Friday 23rd of May 2014, the last day of the “International Symposium of Management”.

Previously, members of the research group organised the 1st event on Innovation and Tradition (“Journée Innovation et Tradition”) on September 21, 2012, with support from the “Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. The meeting brought together thirty participants, who debated on the topic “Innovation in knowhow-intensive practices, what are the best practices?” 

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