Exciting Insights from the frontlines of Corporate Venturing with the MSc Corporate Finance

The "field trips" are key to KEDGE Business School's specialised programmes, and illustrate the experiential teaching approach of the school. As in previous years, students of the corporate finance programme had the opportunity to visit businesses and take part in an immersive experience into the ins and outs of Corporate Venturing.

At the forefront of Corporate venturing

February 8th, 2024 was a landmark day for the  MSc Corporate Finance students at KEDGE Business School. With a keen focus and analytical eye, our students presented their in-depth analysis of Corporate Venturing strategies across a spectrum of dynamic industries: Automotive, Logistics, Cosmetics, Telecom, Media, and Energy. Their presentations went beyond the surface to discuss the nuances of disruption in these sectors and provided a comparative look at some of the strategic deals executed by Corporate Venture Capitals (CVCs) such as:

  •  Aramco Ventures: the world's leading integrated energy company.
  • Orange Ventures: dedicated to investments in innovative startups in areas strategic interest of orange (Networks & IT, Digital Enterprise, Cybersecurity, and Fintech) and beyond (Consumer platforms, E -gaming, Edtech, Health etc).
  • Obratori: the Corporate Venture Capital arm of L'Occitane Group
  • Zebox Ventures: an early-stage VC fund dedicated to promising startups in a large variety of sectors including logistics, supply chain, mobility, decarbonization and AI. 

The depth of analysis and the breadth of industries covered underscore the programme's commitment to equipping our students with a robust understanding of the dynamic landscape of corporate finance and venture capital. By examining real-world cases and strategies, our students are not just learning about the theoretical aspects of finance but are also gaining insights into the practical challenges and opportunities faced by companies today.

This event is a testament to the vibrant learning community we've fostered at KEDGE Business School, where industry professionals and students come together to share knowledge, challenge ideas, and inspire innovation. It highlights the essence of our MSc Corporate Finance programme - a curriculum designed not just to educate but to empower future leaders in finance.

An innovative approach to corporate finance

The KEDGE MSc in Corporate Finance equips students with the skills necessary to navigate and innovate within the dynamic financial landscape. Utilising hands-on learning approaches, participants develop a comprehensive grasp of project valuation principles, financial decision-making frameworks, and business valuation methodologies. Moreover, they receive firsthand exposure to emerging financial trends. This globally-oriented programme, led by industry experts, is offered full-time at the Marseille campus.

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