Launch of the Master of Science in Sustainable Change le 02/06/2017

The new Master of Science in Sustainable Change from KEDGE Business School will open in 2018, on the Marseille campus. Already accredited by the CGE, this specialised programme was created to answer the needs of the corporate sustainability working environment.

Corporate sustainability is rapidly becoming a mainstream management function. Organisations want to hire individuals who can see opportunities, and work to create positive social, environmental and economic impacts. The rise of sustainability has profound implications for the job market, creating an increased demand for employees with CSR/corporate sustainability competencies and skills as well as dedicated jobs within companies, as well as in non-governmental organisations and the public sector.

Aquire new strategic and managerial skills and expertise:

Future professionals need to be equipped with soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, networking, team building and collaboration which are essential assets in the context of sustainability. They also need a multitude of hard skills:

  • Learn how to become a change maker
  • Understand sustainability in a personal, business and global context
  • Create sustainable value,
  • Have the tools and competencies to assess corporate sustainability and sustainable performance
  • Construct strategic planning
  • Manage projects and processes
  • Build sustainability reporting
  • Integrate systems thinking
  • Guide financial and non-financial analysis
  • Drive audit and risk assessment

A word from the Programme Director

The Master in Sustainable Change is designed to help students develop the mind-set, skills, and knowledge to navigate through complex and changing times. We combine the ideas of sustainable change and business logic, and support students as they focus on their passion and values – enabling them to develop a career combining sustainability with what they love.

This Master of Science was co-designed by specialised faculty, the CSR department and members of our CSR network including businesses and associations, to offer a programme that reflects genuine business and societal needs. Through experiential learning, courses on our Marseille, Toulon, Bordeaux and Paris campuses, and regular interaction with network members, participants will develop in ways necessary to facilitate sustainable change throughout their career – both personally and for business. Being a change agent is an exciting challenge, and our programme aims to prepare you for that!

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An integrated CSR Vision at KEDGE BS:

The entire KEDGE BS community including teaching staff, administrative teams and students support the direction taken by the School with respect to social responsibility commitment. From students wellbeing to the Sustainable Literacy test (launched by KEDGE), as a major sustainable development and CSR player, KEDGE BS is constantly working in the areas of  research, education, governance and social and environmental management on an international scale to make a sustainable difference.

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