Sustainable Supply chain Lab



The Sustainable Supply Chain Lab of KEDGE Business School is committed to advancing and disseminating sustainable supply chain management knowledge.

We strive to reduce short- and long-term environmental, social and economic impacts internal and external and strengthen business success, competitive advantage and brand credibility.

The laboratory engages both nationally and internationally in multi-stakeholder collaboration with private companies, public organizations, regulators, civil society and academia.

The Lab collaborates closely with the CESIT (Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain, Innovation and Transportation).

The Sustainable Supply Chain Lab conducts research, supports private companies and public organizations in their sustainable transformation, and trains students and practitioners within the framework of the Sustainable Development Objectives. 


The members of the Lab use various methodologies for their research including quantitative (simulation, mathematical model, artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, etc.) and qualitative methodology and methods (semi-directive interviews, case study research, etc.).