KEDGE Alumni, a powerful professional network in China

Joining KEDGE means joining a network with more than 70,000 members, one of the biggest graduate networks worldwide. In China, the alumni network has a strong presence and several groups of interest.

KEDGE Alumni Network & international branches

KEDGE Alumni supports initiatives developed by some 200 volunteer graduates who organise more than 150 meetings each year in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East. They are the backbone of the network's organisation: after-work meetings, professional clubs, conferences, etc.

KEDGE is convinced of the importance of this network and commits substantial resources, financial of course, but also human, to its management with no fewer than 7 employees. Volunteers, branch managers, professional club managers, mentors, coaches and other experts, in addition to the members of the Board of Directors (all of whom are volunteers and KEDGE BS graduates), also play an important role in organising this network.

The aim of the international branches, organised by volunteer graduates, is to bring KEDGE Alumni together, wherever they may be in the world, at social events that provide an ideal opportunity for graduates to develop their network and meet other graduates of their school. All meetings are publicised on the network by the KEDGE Alumni teams.


registered members among whom 600 Chinese in the Shanghai office


Kedge graduates among whom 1000 in China


Alumni Groups & Clubs in China

There are 2 alumni groups in China, one in Shanghai, KaSH, and one in Beijing, KEDGE@Beijing. The 2 groups are sharing information, creating new opportunities and caring for the community.

Different groups are bringing together KEDGE Alumni communities in China :

Supply Chain Club

KEDGE Supply Chain Club aims to combine multiple resources (KEDGE Business School, KEDGE Alumni, Supply Chain Industry Association, supply chain consulting companies, supply chain talents headhunters and corporate partners, etc.) to promote the development and innovation of supply chain management, to create a platform where people share the most advanced theories, technologies, practices and information, to assist the sustainable career development of our club members. The goal of the club is to become one of the most influential supply chain organizations in Greater China.

Healthcare Club

Made up of KEDGE alumni with profound healthcare background, the club is open to everyone interested in healthcare. Inviting industry experts to share their experience and latest information, thematic activities will be organized on a regular basis to serve as a platform for further learning and communication in order to promote individual career development, social network and personal leadership. With the industry elites as its backbone, the club aims to develop prospective business intelligence for the healthcare industry by leveraging and combining cross-border resources.

Talent Development Club

Gathering KEDGE alumni from MBA, EMBA, DBA, master & bachelor programmes and HR experts from all fields, KEDGE Talent Development Club is organized to explore, promote and develop the most advanced HR management theories and practices, offering a platform of exchange, communication, learning and friendship.

Entrepreneurship Club

With the aim of "creating opportunities", KEDGE Entrepreneurship Club serves as a platform for exchange and cooperation among KEDGE alumni who are entrepreneur-to-be or have already started their own business. Here, you can get the latest industry information, meet well experienced entrepreneurs and experts from all industries and have direct communication with them through activities such as thematic salons, resources-finding meet ups, start-up project consultancy, etc.

Digital Club


KEDGE Digital Club intends to integrate school, alumni and social resources to create a platform for people from all industries to share their cutting-edge digital technology and practical application of the most active topics. KEDGErs could benefit from a variety of themed events organised by the club, inviting alumni and other experts from different working fields to share their professional experience on a regular basis.

Finance Club

KEDGE Finance Club is committed to create a finance-oriented platform of learning, exchange and connection. Through articles, events and road shows, the club intends to share the latest information, enable cross-border resource integration (knowledge, talent, capital and public goods, etc.) and facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation both among alumni and between alumni and the outside business world.

Masai Mara

 Masai Mara Club is a running & sports club created by KEDGE-SJTU EMBA & Global MBA alumni. Combining the healthy running lifestyle with charity and medical assistance, they have participated in many running races such as Shanghai International Marathon and Dishuihu 24 hours Charity Run. Ma Sai Ma La runs for health, for fun and for a positive life spirit!

Kids Club

With the slogan of “growing with our children”, the club intends to gather KEDGE alumni from all programmes, together with their children. It provides the ideal platform to discuss about the problems encountered in children’s growing process: education, psychology, training, contests, etc. Lectures, salons, indoor and outdoor activities with specific topics are regularly organised in order to widen the scope of network, find solutions to the pain points in parent-child education and develop a healthier parent-child relationship.

Automobile & New Technologies Club

 The Automobile & New Tech Club intends to integrate the resources of good quality of the board committee members in the industry and organize various themed visits, to provide KEDGErs with the cutting-edge automotive information and appreciate the charm of automobiles and technology!

Photography & Art Club

 With the aim of capturing beautiful moments and appreciating art in life, KEDGE Photography & Art Club intends to create a platform for alumni sharing the same passion to learn, share and exchange. Through cultural activities such as themed salons, exhibitions, performances and so on, the club hopes to contribute in the improvement of the members’ skills and taste in photography and other artistic fields, bringing more fun into their lives.