30th ISLI Global Supply Chain Management Forum

Bordeaux From 08:30 to 18:30

Organised by the ISLI MSc students (choice of themes, speakers, organisation, etc.) the forum is celebrating its 30th anniversary and will focus on the following topic: "The supply chain: the new star of the EXCOM”. It will be led by Jean-Luc Rognon, editor in chief of Suppy Chain Magazine.

30th ISLI Forum: Supply Chain the new star of the EXCOM

The 30th edition of this major event in the industry will be dedicated to "Supply Chain, the new star of the Executive Committee".

This year' s edition will consist of 4 round tables:

  • Building a more resilient Supply Chain
  • Focus on sustainable and responsible packaging
  • Control Towers: The Golden Age of Data
  • The human being at the heart of the transformation

Register now to participate in the event, attend the conferences and round tables and meet the supply chain managers of today and tomorrow.

Course of the event

8:30AM: Opening and Introduction

09 - 10.30AM: Roundtable 1 - Building a more resilient supply chain

  • The motives and advantages of nearshoring and relocalization in achieving a resilient supply chain.
  • The levers and challenges associated in building and maintaining a resilient supply chain.
  • The general trade-offs companies must balance between cost efficiency and stability in a resilient supply chain.
  • How are companies able to satisfy more demanding customer needs in a resilient supply chain?

11 - 12.30PM: Round Table 2 - Responsible packaging’s implications on supply chains

  • Growing customer’s demand for sustainable packaging
  • Switch in ways to pack products has an impact on supply chain
  • B2C & e-commerce challenge of over-packaging
  • Circular packaging economy
  • Bonus: Student research presentation on the "décret tertiaire"

12:30 - 2PM: Lunch

2 - 3:30PM: Round Table 3 - Control Towers, the golden age of data

  • Introduction to the control tower and related features.
  • Motives and advantages of implementing a control tower.
  • The challenges involved in implementing an effective control tower.
  • Methods for data sourcing and role of IoT in facilitating data exchange within a company.

4 - 5:30PM: Round Table 4 - People at the heart of the transformation

  •  Digitalization of the Supply Chain, a transformation of the work
  • Industry 4.0: the need to develop new skills
  • Attractiveness of the Supply Chain: at the turning point?

7:30PM - 11:30PM : Cocktail reception (on registration)


KEDGE ISLI programme

The ISLI MSc in Global Supply Chain Management programme was created by several large multinational companies to train high-potential multicultural managers. It is ranked as the world's leading supply chain programme since 1984.

ISLI has acquired an international reputation in higher education in Global Supply Chain and delivers a unique training in global and strategic management of flows from suppliers to the final customer in a systemic approach considering the chain as a single entity. Thanks to the course entirely taught in English and the global perspective of the programme, graduates benefit from increased employability in managerial positions worldwide.



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