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Live - In the shoes of KEDGE International Alumni who live and work in Europe

Online From 18:00 to 19:00

Are you an international student considering studying in France? Come and discover KEDGE international programmes from inside out by meeting our alumni in a series of dedicated lives!

During this series of TEAMS lives, meet KEDGE graduates from all over the World and get an overview of their journey. Participate in these events and get a chance to walk in their footsteps !

Live Sessions

Our promotion managers will present KEDGE alumni from our international programmes who now live and work in Europe:

January 14th: Latin American Alumni


January 21st: Marketing Alumni


January 28th: Logistics & Supply Chain Alumni


February 4th: International Purchasing & Innovation Alumni


February 11th: Wine Alumni


March 4th: International business & management Alumni


March 11th: Finance Alumni

What to expect

Each session will include:

- Alumni roundtable: Our Alumni will share their background, pedagogical and cultural experience at KEDGE, as well as their respective careers.

- Practical advice: Information about the services offered to KEDGE alumni community.

- Q&A: The session will be followed by a questions & answers session.

How to join the events?

The Study in France series of webinars that will take place between January and March on TEAMS will be accessible from anywhere in the world. Click the register button of the live you want to assist and you will receive a link to connect. Accept the TEAMS invitation and receive an alert to connect before the event.


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