Masterclass: "Smart Cities: Development for Sustainability"

Online From 13:00 to 14:00

This special session, organised by the Business Transformation for Sustainability programme, will focus on Smart Cities.

Smart Cities: Development for Sustainability

Urbanisation is leading to a concentration of people in cities, where a vast majority of the world's population lives. Cities offer access, employment and quality of life.

They also bring challenges in terms of energy, traffic, emissions, supply, transport and logistics. The fascinating thing about life in the future is that we can shape and develop it, for ourselves and for future generations. And we must take control of our destiny to make the cities of the future liveable, pleasant and vibrant.

In this context, sustainability is a particular challenge. Some of the features of a smart city cannot be sustainable. This is a challenge for citizens, city administration and companies. The big question is how to make the development of a smart city:

  • inclusive
  • sustainable
  • efficient
  • fair
  • enjoyable

What to expect?

The session will combine knowledge input (short introduction) and a practical workshop. We will start with a vision, and work on a strategy in an attempt to answer the following questions: How do we want to live? Who should provide what we want to have? What can business offer for sustainable urban living in the future?

This session will feature Tobias Gössling, Professor of Business Ethics at KEDGE. His work focuses on the relationship between business and society, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and legitimacy. He works with experts from business, academia and politics on the topics of compliance and urban development, in particular smart city development and climate protection.

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