Masterclass: Women in management in the wine/hospitality sector

Online From 18:00 to 19:00

A masterclass in English on the role of women in the wine and hospitality sector, led by Florine Livat, for the MSc Master of Science in Wine & Hospitality Management.

Masterclass: Women in management in the wine/hospitality sector

Florine Livat, Professor of Economics at Kedge Business School, has conducted several research projects on wine markets. On 24 May, she will lead a discussion on the following observation: there are more and more women in wine and hospitality schools and programmes, yet there are still salary disparities and even today, more men in management positions. Why is this?

She will be together with Justine Bohelay & Matthieu Llinas, two students of the MSc, Master of Science in Wine & Hospitality Management, delivered jointly by KEDGE and EHL, Ecole Hôtellière de Lausanne, who will answer this question and propose solutions in a debate.

A time will also be reserved for questions and answers with the participants.

Join us on 24 May at 6pm for this online event accessible via Teams.

About Florine Livat

Florine Livat graduated as a PhD student in 2005 at the University of Reims. She is currently Associate Professor and teaches in French and English, from Bachelor to MBA level, on the principles of microeconomics, wine economics, as well as research methodology and econometrics. Her research work is related to applied microeconomics and focuses on the operation of markets under imperfect information, in particular wine markets. She is particularly interested in the phenomena of reputation, expertise, gender in the wine sector, and price dynamics.

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Very sensitive to inequalities in general, Florine Livat is also the author of an article entitled "Is the wine sector an industry of "white males"?

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