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Prayag TRIPATHI, Bruna LOPES, Elvira IBRAGIMOVA, Camila ROA international promotion managers, will present the KEDGE Bachelor Programme with Isabelle Jehan, head of the programme, during a live webinar on Thursday, November 21th 2023.

Live Webinar

Join our live webinar on Thursday, 21th November 2023, at 4 PM CET for an introduction to the KEDGE Bachelor offered by KEDGE Business School. Prayag Tripathi, Bruna Lopes, Elvira Ibragimova, Camila Roa, and programme head Isabelle Jehan will be presenting and will be ready to answer all your questions.

They will give you a rundown of the course, share their industry insights, and explain the recruitment process.

It's a chance to find out what a year at KEDGE Business School looks like.

Why consider the KEDGE Bachelor programme?

The KEDGE Bachelor, is a well-rounded undergraduate programme at KEDGE Business School. It spans three years, blending academic rigor with professional experience. The curriculum is designed to foster both professional and personal growth, equipping students with vital skills for global business challenges. KEDGE's pedagogical approach encourages critical thinking and practical application, ensuring students are ready for a dynamic work environment.