November 5 Youtube Live FAQ

FAQ following Alexandre de Navailles YouTube Live on November 5.

Courses: Face-to-face or distance format?

For the second semester, we are planning both face-to-face and distance learning courses (if the health situation allows), while respecting health constraints, subject to the evolution of the situation. We have worked to maximize the presence of students on campus while respecting the health protocol. You can contact your respective programmes for your various questions. In addition, a specific WEBINAR for MIM M1 students is organized on 16/11.

We are attentive to both the government messages about the global pandemic and to our students who are asking us for a reinforced presence on campus. From the beginning of the crisis, we have chosen to give our students a face-to-face teaching (in compliance with health protocol), to allow their presence on campus, and to reinforce this system in the second semester, if the context allows it.

Yes, the internship is mandatory. Currently, we have granted derogatory arrangements by reducing its duration and allowing teleworking. As your internship validates your professional and/or international experience, you must complete it in accordance with these new provisions. Do not hesitate to contact your programme and the employability department for assistance in finding an internship.

Pedagogical follow-up

The Career Centers on all our campuses can be reached by email or telephone from Monday to Friday. Your questions and needs are answered within 24 to 48 hours.

Person in charge: +33556844224
-Bordeaux/Paris: +33556844220 / +33556842248 / +33556842280
-Marseille: +33491 827 337 / +33491 82 78 53 / +33491 827 396
-Toulon : +33494 918 255

The current health situation does not affect the ability to create and develop projects because a project does not necessarily involve a physical event. A project is defined above all by its objectives and the impact it wishes to have on specific groups of individuals. Crisis situations or complex contexts are often leading to creativity and the emergence of new projects.
It is therefore perfectly possible to have ideas and develop projects in the current context, and therefore Pro-Act.
In any case, any student who has difficulty identifying a Pro-Act idea and who needs support to get his project off the ground can, as usual, make an appointment with one of the team's pedagogical coaches, by contacting the Pro-Act Front Office, which remains fully available and can be reached by phone or e-mail during the department's usual opening hours (9am - 6pm):

Bordeaux : or  

Marseille / Toulon : or  

As a reminder, all Pro-Act documentation is available online on the dedicated Pro-Act platform,  
The Pro-Act pedagogical follow-up meetings with the project coach are conducted remotely via the Microsoft Teams tool.

The Pro-Act diploma requirements are unchanged:
Students of undergraduate programmes (Kedge Bachelor, EBP and IBBA) have a mandatory Pro-Act to validate during their studies among their degree requirements.
-Students entering the MIM in year L3/Pre-Master have 2 mandatory Pro-Acts to be validated during their schooling as part of their degree requirements.
-Students entering MIM directly in year M1 (AST2/AP2) have a mandatory Pro-Act to complete during their schooling among their degree requirements.
-Students from Kedge Design School and Msc Business Engineering programmes have a Pro-Act to complete during their Bachelor year(s) and a Pro-Act to complete during their Master year(s).

The degree requirements are part of the elements that are filed with the Ministry and that allow the diploma to be recognized. It is not possible to modify the list of these requirements.
If Pro-Acts are part of the degree requirements, it is because they are recognized as differentiating elements in terms of training, useful for the personal and professional development of our students, and for their future employability. They contribute to the academic and corporate recognition of the value of Kedge degree.
They are designed to enable students, through experimentation and experience in project management in responsibility, to develop their business skills and soft skills, and to learn to take a step back from themselves to refine their knowledge of themselves, and make informed career and life choices. It should enable them to develop the behaviors and reflexes of responsible managers, starting with the ability to question themselves and take responsibility for the results of their actions and behaviors.
Also, the current global situation makes this type of teaching system even more necessary to train our students as closely as possible to the expectations of recruiters, who are looking more than ever for students capable of taking responsibility, committing themselves, taking action and pro-action, etc., in a responsible and impactful manner.

Corporate relations: internships, work-study programmes

We have some derogatory arrangements with the integrated pedagogy (in accordance with the Information Note n°1 Internships of the 20/10/2020):
The arrangements are the following:
The internship can be carried out in the classroom, and/or in partial or total teleworking, whatever the place of residence of the company (National-Europe-International) hosting the trainee.
For internships of a duration of 6 months during the academic year (referenced above): the duration may be reduced to a minimum of 4 months if and only if the missions entrusted are in line with the pedagogical expectations of the programme.
For internships that must be completed internationally during the academic year (as mentioned above): the internship may be completed:
- In France in a foreign company,
- In France, in a French company, in an international service,  
- In France and/or in a department entrusting international missions.
The internship will be accepted if and only if the missions entrusted are in adequacy with the pedagogical expectations in the international case (ex: international exchanges...).
Depending on the evolution of the health crisis, we will consider, if necessary, additional arrangements adapted to the pedagogical expectations of each programme and to the conditions of possible achievements.

The business forum of the second semester will be held remotely.

A support service is deployed each year for candidates seeking a work-study programme with :
The Career Center:
Currently: Workshops on the CV, cover letter, how to make the most of one's experiences, know how to speech, stand out on LinkedIn...

To come: Coaching in the search for a company in your work-study programmes, preparation for interviews, correction of application supports, enhance your LinkedIn profile, preparing for interviews and coaching if needed

Corporate relations: Jobdating, Corporate forum, My way, Simulation of interviews, Job teaser / News / webinar

Work-study: Support and monitoring of the entire work-study program for the future, supports accessible on Virtual Campus, Webinars, information email, work-study offers....


They have been reintegrated into the course. They will soon choose their courses.  

For the internships that must take place abroad during the academic year (referenced above): the internship will take place :
-In France in a foreign company,
-In France in a French company in an international service,
-In France and or in a department entrusting international missions.
The internship will be accepted if and only if the missions entrusted are in adequacy with the pedagogical expectations in the international case (ex: international exchanges...).
Depending on the evolution of the health crisis, we will consider if necessary additional arrangements adapted to the pedagogical expectations of each program and to the conditions of possible achievements.
In view of the situation, we do not know what will be the travel/frontier policy in January.  

Unfortunately, partner universities no longer accept nominations and we no longer have the possibility of reassignment. All the more so as many partner universities are going to have a distant semester 2, including in Europe.

Most partner universities offer to do the semester online.  Either the student chooses this option, or they integrate the KBS programme in France.  The Jury will be indulgent.


Some dysfunctions have been observed due to massive use within the school but also throughout the territory. All platform providers are currently being upgraded.

Numerous training courses are already in place and offered to teachers, particularly on Teams and Learn.

Services / Documentary resources

The vast majority of articles from the various journals and publications are available in full text on our Business Source Complete database which is accessible to all KEDGE students (from 10/01/1922 to today). Those that are not can be provided on request via .
The paper collections of Kedge Library Center are currently inaccessible and current loans have been extended until December 4, 2020. The team is making every effort to provide digital alternatives to any resource requests, although this possibility cannot cover 100% of the needs. In addition, many providers offer resource extensions free of charge as a gesture of solidarity to students. Please check the updated list regularly on the platform .

Reminder of contacts :

-Marseille :
-Toulon :

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