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As an international School, KEDGE has invested in a new campus in Bordeaux that was designed to be a living space.

Spread over 35,000 m² KEDGE Campus in Bordeaux is of course a place to learn, but also a place to eat, to practice sport and to spend time with your friends thanks to the dedicated work and chat rooms as well as the sports and relaxation areas. As such, KEDGE has created a very dynamic en motivating environment to study. 

Here at KEDGE, we welcome all international students in exchange from their 2nd year of Bachelor degree to their last year of Master's Degree. Depending on your level and of the language that you have mastered you will be able to follow a variety of different courses.

KEDGE Bachelor

Exchange student

If you are an undergraduate exchange student in your 2nd year of Bachelor Degree, you can apply for this programme.

The courses offered are fundamentals in Business and Management designed to develop your professional, operational and international skills and reach excellence in your future professional activity.

The academic year is divided into 2 semesters in which the students can select their courses.

The Fall Semester (Semester 3) is taught either in English or in French whereas the Spring Semester (Semester 4) is fully taught in English.

Each management course is worth 5 ECTS and represents 30 contact hours.

Your home institution will decide the number of credits that you need to take during your exchange programme.

French language courses are available at different levels and can be added to your track.

KEDGE BS Bordeaux - KEDGE Bachelor Annex 2017-2018 

Double degree student

Opened for undergraduate students (2nd and 3rd Year of Bachelor Degree), the Kedge Bachelor Double Degree programme will allow you to graduate not only in your Home Institution, but also at Kedge Business School.

You will have the opportunity to widden your experience and get a better visibility among the international recrutors with a high Business and multicultural profile. 

If you wish to undertake a Double Degree at KEDGE BS, you must be selected by your home institution (based on the agreement between KEDGE BS and the home institution).

Please check with the International service of your Home Institution for further details.

KEDGE BS Bordeaux - KEDGE Bachelor Annex double degree 2017-2018

EBP International 

To enter the EBP International programme you must be a graduate Student and you must be nominated by your home institution. Only institutions who have an agreement shared with KEDGE can select students for the EBP Programme.

Joining the EBP International programme will allow you to get 3 degrees, to master 3 languages and to benefit from a cross cultural professional experience.

KEDGE BS Bordeaux - EBP International List of courses 2017-2018
KEDGE BS Bordeaux - EBP International Programme Annex 2017-2018

Programme Grande Ecole ("Master in Management") 

By joining the Programme Grande Ecole ("Master in Management"), you make the decision to build your own curriculum according to your wishes, your needs and your goals. By choosing the Master in Management Programme, you will get a customized profile with strong skills to get the key of success in the professional environment.

Exchange student

The Programme Grande Ecole ("Master in Management") is of course Master level but we open Intermediate level courses in the Programme Grande Ecole ("Master in Management") are also opened to undergraduate students in their 3rd and 4th year of Bachelor. Graduate incoming students will take advanced courses.

The programme is divided into divided into 8 cycles of 4 weeks each, the first cycle starts in September and the last cycle ends early June. For each cycle, you have the possibility to choose either 0, 1 or 2 courses. One course represents 30 contact hours and is worth 5 ECTS. (The number of credits that have to be taken will be decided by your home institution)

Some courses are taught in English and other in French, so you will be able to really personalize your stay here at KEDGE BS.

KEDGE Bordeaux - Master in Management List of courses 2017-2018
KEDGE BS Bordeaux - Master in Management Programme Annex 2017-2018

Double Degree student

As a double degree student, you will have to follow a few required courses, but you will still enjoy the flexibility of the Programme Grande Ecole ("Master in Management"). You will be able to greatly personalize your curriculum by choosing among various courses. 

Furthermore, you will also have to be part of a ProACt, which is a Group project with a corporate dimension that will benefits you for your future professional career as it will help you to better understand the business world.

As a Double Degree student, you will have to start your exchange here at KEDGE either on cycle 1 (September) or on cycle 4 (January). 

If you wish to undertake a Double Degree at KEDGE, you must be selected by your home institution (based on the agreement between KEDGE BS and the home institution).

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