Marseille - Academic information

The KEDGE Marseille campus is divided between two sites: the Luminy and Vaufrèges campuses, nestled on the edge of the Calanques National Park, and the Joliette campus located in the heart of the city.


Here at KEDGE, we welcome all international students in exchange from their 2nd year of Bachelor degree to the 4th year of bachelor degree. Depending on your level and of the language that you have mastered you will be able to follow a variety of different courses. 

International BBA

If you are undergraduate student in Bachelor degree, you are eligible to take courses in the International BBA (IBBA) programme.

This programme has a strong global scope. It will give you an international and multicultural-oriented profile, matching the fast-growing global market.

In addition to the International BBA courses, students may also be able to take courses from the KEDGE Bachelor programme, and mix courses from both programmes, according to their level.

French language courses are available at different levels during the Fall and the Spring semesters.

The semester is composed of 6 courses (30 contact hours per courses), worth 5 ECTS credits each.

The home institution will decide the number of credits that have to be acquired by their students during the exchange programme.

Opened for undergraduate students (3rd and 4th year of Bachelor degree), the IBBA double degree programme will allow you to graduate not only from your home institution, but also from Kedge Business School.

You will have the opportunity to widen your experience and get a better visibility among the international recrutors with a business oriented, and multicultural profile. 

If you wish to undertake a double degree at KEDGE BS, you must be selected by your home institution (based on the agreement between KEDGE BS and the home institution).

Please check with the International service of your home institution for further details.

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KEDGE Bachelor 

If you are an undergraduate exchange student in your 2nd year of Bachelor degree, you can apply for this programme.

The courses offered are fundamentals in Business and Management designed to develop your professional, operational and international skills and reach excellence in your future professional activity.

The academic year is divided into 2 semesters in which the students can select their courses.

The Fall semester (Semester 3) and Spring Semester (Semester 4) courses are fully taught in English.

Each management course is worth 5 ECTS credits and represents 30 hours.

Your home institution will decide the number of credits that have to acquired taken by their students during the exchange programme.

French language courses are available at different levels added to the Bachelor Programme.

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Programme Grande Ecole ("Master In Management")

The Grande Ecole "Master in Management" programme is a Master level programme, however the 1st year level is available for undergraduate students in their 4th year of Bachelor studies. Graduate incoming students will take 2nd year level courses.
The programme is divided into 2 semesters. One course represents 30 contact hours and is worth 5 ECTS. 
Some courses are taught in English and other in French, so you will be able to really personalise your stay here at KEDGE. 

Double degree students will enjoy the flexibility of the Programme Grande Ecole "Master in Management". You will be able to greatly personalise your curriculum by choosing among various courses. 

As a double degree student, you will have to either start your exchange here at KEDGE for the Fall semester (September) or the Spring semester (January). 
If you wish to undertake a Double Degree at KEDGE, your home institution (based on the agreement between KEDGE and the home institution) must select you first. 

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 Design programme

Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for courses in the Design Programme.
The Design programme is organised around three concepts: Make, Think, Act


The bachelor level courses, taught in French (L1-L2), are material-based projects and the fundamentals of design techniques (drawing, 3D, modeling, design history).


L3 courses, taught in French, are month-long corporate projects, with a focus on service design, UX design, connected devices, etc.


M1-M2 courses are offered in both French and English, with major projects in social and entrepreneurial design as well as design methodologies, brand strategy, design management, and more.

French language courses are available to incoming students.

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