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Gabrielle Lesur-Irichabeau obtained her PhD in Economics at the University of Bordeaux (2011) during which she analysed the dependency link between the natural environment and an economic activity in order to evaluate and characterise this economic dependency. Afterwards, she did a post-doctorate at IFREMER in Brest within the Maritime Economics unit. Her work allowed her to empirically demonstrate the role of buyer-seller interpersonal relationships in the value of transactions. Her work has been presented at numerous international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Canadian Journal of Agroeconomics and Applied Economics. She has also contributed to a collective work on the impacts of climate change in Aquitaine. Her fields of expertise cover CSR, as well as Economics, Environment and Natural Resources, market and non-market valuation by econometric modelling. Gabrielle has been teaching economics and CSR & Sustainable Development courses at KEDGE since 2015.  

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