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Laurent Estachy is currently Professor of International Finance and Geo-Economics at KEDGE Business School (mainly for Executive MBA programs). He holds a PhD in Macroeconomics and International Finance from Nice-Sophia Antipolis University and an Executive MBA from HEC Jouy-en-Josas.  His research focuses on the far reaching interactions between geopolitics and global capital markets.
Prior to working in an academic environment, he held senior positions in treasury & foreign exchange activities at the BNP Paris trading room, and later on for the investment bank division of Rabobank International (Vice-president Paris Branch.)

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    ESTACHY, L. (2015), ” Géopolitique du partenariat commercial UE/ Etats-Unis” (”Geopolitics of the EU/US trade partnership”) in ” Vers un partenariat Transatlantique de l’Union Européenne”, Editions De Boeck (Larcier), p.45-64 2015 Chapter
    Estachy, L. (2015) Relations macroéconomiques et financières entre les États-Unis et la Chine : symbiose ou conflits ? Macroeconomic and financial relationships between the United States and China: symbiotic or conflicting system? Economie Appliquée 2015, 121-150 2015 Refereed Article
    ESTACHY,L.(2015), “ГЕОПОЛИТИКА И ГЛОБАЛЬНЫЕ РЫНКИ КАПИТАЛА:ОТНОШЕНИЯ США И КИТАЯ С 1980 ГОДА“ (“Geopolitics and Global Capital Markets : US-China relations since the 80ies”), Izvestiya Irkutsk, Vol.25, n°4 – issn 1993-3541- p.677-690 2015 Refereed Article
    Estachy, L. (2015) Libre-échange et mercantilisme : dimension géostratégique du partenariat commercial Union Européenne/Etats-Unis, Revue du Financier, No. 211, 3-14 2015 Refereed Article
    ESTACHY, L. (2014), “Pivot vers l’Asie: stratégie globale des Etats-Unis“(” Pivot to Asia : global US strategy”).in “La Grande Europe en Devenir“, Editions CEMAFI International, p.35-47 2014 Chapter
    Estachy, L. (2014) ABN AMRO: The Break-Up Deal of 2007 and its Aftermath (The Stock Market as the Ultimate Battlefield). Case Studye Centre No. 314-173-1 2014 Case Study
    Estachy, L. (2014) Airbus vs Boeing: A Decade of Competition (2003-2013): Strategic and Financial Management. Case Studye Centre No. 114-049-1. 2014 Case Study
    ESTACHY, L. (2013), ” Разворот в сторону Азии»: глобальная стратегия США? ”» (US Asian strategy and Russia), RUDN Vestnik - Moscow n°5 / 2013 – p.205-213 2013 Refereed Article
    Estachy, L. (2011) Remy Cointreau coping with a falling US dollar, Strategic & General Mangement Issues, Case Studye Study European Case Studye Clearing House (ECCH) No. 111-037-1 2011 Case Study
    Estachy, L. (2011) How Porsche almost took control of Volkswagen? Strategic use of Financial Derivatives, Case Studye Study European Case Studye Clearing House (ECCH) No. 111-404-1 2011 Case Study
    Estachy, L. (2011) Remy Cointreau: Debt Management & Yield Curves, Case Studye Study European Case Studye Clearing House (ECCH) No. 111-039-1 2011 Case Study
    Estachy, L. (2011) Remy Cointreau coping with a falling US dollar, Foreign Exchange Exposures and Financial Hedging, Case Studye Study European Case Studye Clearing House (ECCH) No. 111-038-8 2011 Case Study
    Estachy L "Airbus v Boeing: International Financial Environment and Strategic Risks” Case Studye Study ECCH N° 109-019-1 2010 Case Study
    Estachy L "German Car Manufacturers and the Rising Euro" Case Studye Study ECCH N° 109-018-1 2010 Case Study
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