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Pierpaolo ANDRIANI

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Pierpaolo Andriani is Professor in Complexity and Innovation Management at KEDGE Business School. He got his BA/MSc in Physics. He started his career as a scientist in industrial R&D in Italy where he was project manager for various European research and development projects in the laser industry. Then he moved to Academia and received his Ph.D. social sciences from Durham University, UK. His research interests are focused on the impact of complexity and evolutionary theory on innovation. His research has been published in journals such as Organization Science, Journal of International Business Studies, Research Policy, Long Range Planning and Complexity. His full publication profile can be found at:  

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Andriani, P. (2017) Exaptation, serendipity and aging. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 163 (2017) 30–35 2017 Refereed Article
    Andriani P., Ali A., and Mastrogiorgio M. (2017). Measuring exaptation and its impact on innovation, search and problem-solving. Organization Science 28(2):320-338 2017 Refereed Article
    Andriani, P. & Cattani, G. (2016) “Exaptation as Source of Creativity, Innovation, and Diversity: Introduction to the Special Section”. Industrial & Corporate Change. 25(1) 115-131 2016 Refereed Article
    Andriani, P. & Herrmann-Pillath, C. (2015) Transactional innovation as performative action: transforming comparative advantage in the global coffee business. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Vol. 25, Issue 2, 371-400. 2015 Refereed Article
    Andriani, P. & Carignani, G. (2014) Modular exaptation: A missing link in the synthesis of artificial form. Research Policy, Vol. 43, Issue 9, 1608-1620. 2014 Refereed Article
    Andriani, P. & Cohen, J. (2013) From Exaptation to Radical Niche Construction in Biological and Technological Complex Systems. Complexity, Vol. 18, No. 5, 7-14. 2013 Refereed Article
    McKelvey, B., Lichtenstein, B., & Andriani, P. (2012) When organisations and ecosystems interact: Toward a law of requisite fractality in firms. International Journal of Complexity in Leadership and Management, Vol. 2, No.1/2, 104-136. 2012 Refereed Article
    Andriani, P., & McKelvey, B. (2011) Managing in a pareto world calls for new thinking. M@n@gement, Vol. 14, No. 2 (pp. 89-117). 2011 Refereed Article
    Carignani, G. & Andriani, P. (2011) The evolution of modularity and architectural innovation: web-enabled collective development of a tangible artefact. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Vol. 14, No. 4 (pp. 333-355) 2011 Refereed Article
    Andriani, P., Biotto, G., & Ghezzi, D. (2011). The Emergence of Trust-Based Knowledge Ecosystems, The Case Studye of Illycaffé in Brazil. In Belussi & Staber (Eds.) Managing Networks of Creativity, (pp. 191-211). Publisher: Routledge 2011 Chapter
    McKelvey, B., Lichtenstein, B., & Andriani, P. (2011). Cuando las organizaciones y los ecosistemas interactuan: hacia una ley de fractalidad requerida en la empresa (When organizations and ecosystems interact: toward a law of requisite fractality in firms). In Lopez-Moreno (Ed.) La empresa en el dominio de la complejidad (The firm in the complexity domain, (pp. 153-191) Ediciones Cinca 2011 Chapter
    Andriani P.(2010) Constraints and emergence of ecosystems in the Brazilian Coffee Market. Cultural Sciences, Vol. 3 (1): online publication. 2010 Refereed Article
    McKelvey B. & Andriani P. (2010) Avoiding Extreme Risk Before it Occurs: A Complexity Science Approach Toward Incubation, Risk Management, Vol. 12 (1): 54–82. 2010 Refereed Article
    Andriani P. & McKelvey B. (2009) From Gaussian to Paretian Thinking: Causes and Implications of Power Laws in Organizations. Organization Science, Vol. 20 (6): 1053–1071. 2009 Refereed Article
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