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Thomas Lagoarde-Segot, Associate Dean for Research (Marseille-Toulon) is Associate Professor of Economics and International Finance at Kedge Business School and a research associate at LEST, UMR CNRS 7317, Aix-Marseille Université, France. An accredited Full Professor (section 06), he holds a PhD in International Finance from Trinity College Dublin and a Habilitation in Economics from Aix-Marseille Université. He currently serves as associate editor of Research in International Business and Finance, International Review of Financial Analysis and Entreprise et Société. His research focuses on emerging countries, social finance, financial history and economic philosophy.  His full profile can be viewed on his personal webpage:

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Lagoarde-Segot, T., Paranque, B. (2018). Finance and sustainability: from ideology to utopia. International Review of Financial Analysis, 55, January, 80-92 2018 Refereed Article
    Lagoarde--Segot, T., Paranque, B. Sustainability and the reconstruction of academic finance. Research in International Business and Finance. doi:10.1016/j.ribaf.2016.03.002 2016 Refereed Article
    Lagoarde-Segot, T., Financialization: towards a new research agenda. International Review of Financial Analysis. doi:10.1016/j.irfa.2016.03.007 2016 Refereed Article
    Erragragui, E., Lagoarde-Segot, T., Solving the SRI puzzle? A note on the mainstreaming of ethical investment. Finance Research Letters, doi:10.1016/ 2016 Refereed Article
    Bassino, J.P. & Lagoarde-Segot, T. (2015) Informational efficiency in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1931-40. The Economic History Review, Volume 68, Issue 4, pages 1226–1249, November 2015 2015 Refereed Article
    Lagoarde-Segot, T. Prolégomènes à une étude alternative de la finance. In Paranque, B, Pérez, R., 2015. La finance autrement. Regards critiques et perspectives sur la finance moderne. Presses du Septentrion 2015 Chapter
    Lagoarde-Segot, T. (2015) Review Diversifying finance research: From financialization to sustainability. International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol. 39, 1-6. 2015 Refereed Article
    Gimet, C. & Lagoarde-Segot, T. (2014) Endogenous Fragility in Microfinance: Evidence from India. In Phan, P. (Ed.) Conversations and Empirical Evidence in Microfinance, (pp. 63-88). London: Imperial College Press. 2014 Chapter
    Brillet, J.L., Cette, G., Gambini, I., & Lagoarde-Segot, T. (2014) Politiques macroéconomiques, un outil d'évaluation : MacSim2. Bruxelles: De Boeck 2014 Book
    Lagoarde-Segot, T. (2014) La finance solidaire, un humanisme économique. Bruxelles: De Boeck. 2014 Book
    Guyot, A., Lagoarde-Segot, T., Neaime, S. (2014) Foreign shocks and international cost of equity destabilization. Evidence from the MENA region. Emerging Markets Review, Vol. 18, 101-122. 2014 Refereed Article
    Bigo, V. & Lagoarde-Segot, T. (2013) Critical Realism in the Social Sciences, Agency and the Discursive Self. Revue de Philosophie Economique, Vol. 14, No. 1, 3-8. 2013 Refereed Article
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    Gimer, C., & Lagoarde Segot, T. (2011). Financial sector development and access to finance. Does size say it all? Emerging Markets Review, Vol. 13, Issue 3, 316-337. 2012 Refereed Article
    Gimet, C. & Lagoarde-Segot, T. (2011) A closer look at financial development and income distribution. Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 35 Issue 7 (pp.1698-1713) 2011 Refereed Article
    Lagoarde Segot, T. (2011). Corporate Social Responsibility as a Bolster for Economic Performance: Evidence from Emerging Markets. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Vol. 31, Issue 1, 38-53. 2011 Refereed Article
    Lagoarde_Segot, T., Gimet,C., 2011. Global crisis and financial destabilization in ASEAN countries: a microstructural perspective. Journal of the Asia-Pacific Economy, Volume 16, Issue 3, 2011, pages 294-312. 2011 Refereed Article
    Lagoarde-Segot T., & Lucey B.M. (2009). Shift-contagion Vulnerability in the MENA Stock Markets The World Economy, 32-10, 1478-1497. 2009 Refereed Article
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