Entrepreneurship & Family Business

Centred around research, teaching and skills transfer, the CEEFAB (Centre in Entrepreneurship and Family Business) is an essential part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem set up by KEDGE Business School (KEDGE Entrepreneurship, Incubators, Entrepreneurial school, etc.). 

The main purpose of the CEEFAB is to advance knowledge in order to contribute to the understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon as well as being part of the family businesses in our territories and elsewhere in the long run.

The centre is directed by Sara Bentebbaa.

Research areas

Our research activities are based on the 3S: Stories, Strategies & Systems. 

Through the organisation of seminars and meetings as well as the publication of academic and professional articles, we are interested in the stories and paths to Entrepreneurship, the strategies for sustaining the activities long-term and the impact to the environment in which they evolve.

STORIES –Entrepreneurial journeys

  • Family Business
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Social and Solidarity Economy 
  • Inclusive entrepreneurship

STRATEGIES –Entrepreneurial longevity

  • Entrepreneurial finance
  •  Innovation
  • Corporate governance
  • Succession and takeover

SYSTEMS –Entrepreneurial environment

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Public policies
  • Territories
  • Lobbys