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The Centre’s involvement in training activities (MS MSIS, MS MSAIS and MS MSAIS-SAAD) and its close proximity to professional and institutional stakeholders explain its extensive activities in the media, in think-tanks and working with managers of French and international groups. 

Presence in  the Medias

Research and development 

The Centre hosts and contributes its expertise to two specialised Masters courses widely,

  • Grenier C., Gimet P. et Spano C. (en cours) : Analyse de l’impact d’un cours Santé au Travail sur le changement de pratiques professionnels des managers junior et senior, 2018-2020, CARSAT Sud-Est.
  • Grenier C. (en cours) : Prospective des métiers dans le champ de la santé, 2018-2020, OPCO Santé (Observatoire de l’Hospitalisation Privée) 
  • Grenier C., en partenariat avec le CRES PACA (Comité Régional pour l’Education en Santé) (en cours) : Accompagnement des actions prometteuses en santé publique. 
  • Grenier C. (coord.), Guide méthodologique pour l’expérimentation et la diffusion d’Interventions, Visant la Réduction des Inégalités Sociales de Santé (IVRISS), 2014-2017, ARS PACA. 
  • Grenier C., Modélisation de la gouvernance et du management de l’innovation en santé publique : l’Espace Partagé de Santé Publique, 2013-2016, IRESP. 

Education and student life 

The Centre hosts and contributes its expertise to two specialised Masters courses widely supported and recognised by professional and public bodies operating in the health sector. 

The MSAIS specialised Master ( Management of innovative health organisations and activities ).

This training is aimed at managers, directors and senior managers in health, medico-social and social organisations. It is available in two versions: one intended for the operators of home help and support services and the other for managers of health establishments. 

It is provided on the Marseille, Bordeaux and Paris campuses and at temporary campuses (Toulouse and Lyon).

Program presentation

The Centre’s proximity to professional and institutional decision-makers and the regular work of its Steering Committee enable it to constantly enhance the content of the MSAIS to meet the needs and challenges of the health sector. As an example, it includes a Module specifically focused on innovation, a “regional coordination” Option and a Module on Occupational Health (developed in partnership with Carsat Sud-Est).

The participants work on a professional project enabling them to innovate and to deploy new projects in their own organisations. 

Emile Brin (2018-2019 intake) has developed a business project as part of the Innovation Module and of his professional project. Subsequently hosted by the Business Nursery in Marseille and supported by Prevent2Care from the Ramsay Générale de santé Foundation, he has launched “Mon Emile”: a platform for bespoke support services to ensure the well-being of senior citizens.

 The programme’s partners regularly present the participants with strategic or managerial situations to help improve their decision-making skills (the Medeos group, Clairval-Ramsay hospital, etc.). 

The Specialised Masters course® MSIS (Management and Innovation) was launched to meet the needs of companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices sectors. It trains junior doctors in the basics of management and in the innovation-related challenges facing these companies. 

It is backed by numerous partnerships (Innate Pharma, ProvePharm, the LEEM, etc.), which contribute to the teaching and which present students with strategic and managerial situations to be solved. 
Collaboration with KEDGE Design School 
The Centre contributes expertise in the health field to KDS’ training courses to help the students come up with innovative solutions for the operators. 


Numerous professional theses and dissertations, all focusing on innovation and long-range planning, are produced each year by the school’s students under the auspices of the research centre. 

  • Diversifying innovation and ensuring its long-term future in the nursing home sector 
  • The uberization of pharmacies: toward a new business model for the pharmacies? 
  • Is pharmaceutical marketing ethical?
  • How can we improve the patient experience, from their admission to hospital through to their return home? 
  • Developing innovation in the health sector through public-private partnerships
  • Can the use of teleconsultations improve access to healthcare in “medical deserts”?
  • Professional exhaustion and burn-out 
  • The role of home help and support services faced with the ill-treatment of fragile/dependent people 
  • Nursing homes off-site and the role of home help & support services 
  • How can the EHPAF contribute its expertise to help elderly people living at home? 
  • The inclusive school: How can a Child Guidance Clinic actively prevent the risks of students dropping out of school? 
  • Therapeutic education: a treatment method closely entwined with agile management and collective intelligence. 
  • The challenges of deploying telemedicine systems in a private multidisciplinary health group
  • The digitalisation of medical training. 


Organised conferences & Workshops 

Each year since 2008 and now every two years the Centre organises a French-language and international academic colloquium during which roughly 40 discussion documents are presented. Round-table sessions are organised there to facilitate dialogue between researchers and professional or institutional stakeholders. Each event provides an opportunity to discuss health innovation via numerous specific themes

  • Services and coordination for the benefit of the elderly (2008) 
  • Innovation and public policies (2009) 
  • Consolidation and pooling in the social and health fields (2010) 
  • Organisational performance and the well-being of users (2011) 
  • Health organisations and their institutional environments: receptacles for injunctions or strategic stakeholders? (2013) 
  • Supervised governance: an introductory approach to examine the renovation of the health and social action system and organisations (2015) 
  • Durably supporting innovation in the health ecosystem: Innovating to innovate! (2017) 
  • Innovating to innovate: deploying new conceptual and methodological resources to durably transform the health field (2019) 

Participation in colloquiums and round-table meetings 

  • Grenier C. “Absorber pour innover” : animation d’une Master class lors du congrès scientifique de la FISAF (décembre 2020, Bordeaux)
  • Grenier C. “Expérimenter et diffuser des interventions en santé publique”, Graine Occitanie – Promotion en santé (juillet 2020, Toulouse) 
  • Grenier C. “Soutenir l’innovation en santé avec les patients”, CIUS Nice (juin 2019, Nice)
  • Grenier C. “Le rôle des Maisons de l’autonomie dans l’accompagnement de la personne âgée”, assemblée des élus, conseil départemental, Bouches du Rhône (juin 2019, Marseille) 
  • Grenier C. “Pour innover, innovons !”, assemblée générale des ADMR (2017) 


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