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The Centre’s members are also active members of several national regional federations (FEHAP, FHP-SE, Synerpa, InterProSanté, PACA UPE, the network of home health service providers in the Provence-Alps-Riviera region, LEEM, etc.).

Professional Partnerships 

Academic Partnerships 

  • Innovation and developments in long-term social and health policies at the sub-central level: This network is made up of researchers from the University of Roskilde (Denmark), the University of Vechta (Germany), the 'Caledonian University of Glasgow, and several French universities.
  • Collaborative processes for sustainable innovation in the health sector: This network is made up of researchers from ENAP (Montreal, Canada), University of Montreal (Canada), and researchers from several French universities.
  • Technological and managerial innovations for an “integrated observance path” with the Start-up Howami and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • The development of communities of practice for volunteers with the elderly, University of Karlstad (Sweden)


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