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The Management and Disability Chair

The Management and Disability Chair, funded for a period of 3 years by Société Générale, aims to identify the needs and understand the experiences of individuals, in order to provide a more appropriate response to disability management.

The Chair provides an opportunity for the innovation and evolution of managerial practices related to invisible disabilities. This Chair highlights Société Générale's commitment to disability management and capitalises on Kedge Business School's research and teaching specialities.


Despite the 2005 French law and its fundamental advances in development to meet the expectations of people with disabilities, accessibility, education and employment remain challenges for both individuals with disabilities and companies wishing to include them. Although increasing numbers of managers and employees are taking a positive attitude towards disability, the implementation of policies and practices can be difficult given the complex situation on the ground. Indeed, while companies integrate legal obligations and apply them in their human resources policies, very few succeed in recruiting candidates who match the required profiles. Even by avoiding discrimination and promoting positive equality and only considering skills, expertise and talents, it is difficult for companies to offer rewarding jobs with opportunities for employees to actively participate in a company's performance and competitiveness.

It is essential that every employee is able to play an active role in their own professional integration in order to contribute effectively to a company's performance – going beyond ethical principles, social responsibility and the duty of solidarity. An increase in human wealth can only be achieved through a diversity of resources in anticipated and adapted conditions. With internal support, excellent integration can be guaranteed, whether in school or in employment. That is why, whatever the disability, it is necessary to reflect on one's career path.

Research axes

  • Adaptation of managerial behaviours towards invisible disabilities in the workplace
  • Current managerial practices (both nationally and internationally) and their impact on employees with disabilities

La Société Générale: Commited for over 10 years

The Disability Initiative was created in 2007, and in 2016 the 4th “Agreement on Disability” was signed. Today, the team in France is working daily to:

  • Integrate and support employees with disabilities on a daily basis
  • Raise awareness and train the company's stakeholders
  • Develop responsible purchasing and work with the protected and adapted sector
  • Ensure the digital accessibility of tools / applications
  • Share this commitment and create partnerships to advance disability in society

This commitment also extends internationally: in 2016 the International Labour Organization (ILO) Business & Disability Charter, which commits the Group worldwide and promotes the exchange of best practices in France and abroad was signed.

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