LCL- KEDGE Impact Finance Chair


LCL- KEDGE Impact Finance Chair



KEDGE and LCL have joined forces to launch the Impact Finance Chair. The three-year chair aims to develop the knowledge and skills of KEDGE students in the field of impact finance. 
LCL has made the planet a priority and has put the climate emergency at the heart of its strategy. This is why the LCL-KEDGE Chair will focus on impact finance, both in terms of teaching, media coverage of a major joint event and research.


The Chair will focus on three main axis: 

  • Axis 1 Training and education

Within the framework of the LCL/KEDGE BS Chair in Impact Finance, the pedagogical axis includes the creation of a 30-hour certification in impact finance for the MSc Finance Masters 1 (Sustainable Finance, Corporate Finance and Audit/Performance Management). The certification includes content animation by KEDGE faculty and LCL staff.
Courses led by KEDGE : 

  • Business & Sustainability (1) - Introduction to sustainability (3h)
  • Business & Sustainability (2) - Ethical Finance and rating (3h)
  • Performance Management - Case studies (Measuring non-financial performance & Balance scorecard) (6h)
  • Financial Performance Management (1) - Financial statements and reporting (3h)
  • Financial Performance Management (2) - Investing cycle (3h)
  • Sustainable Finance - Case studies (ESG risk analysis) (6h)

Courses led by LCL (Laurent Fromageau and Olivier Nicolas): 

  • History of Green/Impact Finance (3h)
  • Impact Investment Tools (3h)
  • Axis 2 Research

Development of a specific research project on impact finance, co-defined by LCL and KEDGE

  • Axis 3 Promotion

Organization of an annual event with LCL on the theme of impact finance, bringing together academics, students, professionals, specialized institutions and the media. 
The presentation of certificates will take place at the first annual event organized within the framework of the Chair.